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Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution?

It is undeniable that besides Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, there are other software companies that develop and sell CRM solutions. Then why should you go for Microsoft itself?

Here we will discuss how you can derive optimum advantages out of your CRM system with the help of Microsoft Dynamics implementation:

Utilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  1. Deployment options such as Cloud and On-Premise: when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics Implementation, there are two hosting options that clients can choose from: Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise or Microsoft Dynamics CRM cloud hosting.

CRM on-cloud hosting is a convenient web-based hosting option that needs no infrastructure to be deployed. It is lets its users access and edit files remotely, in real time, and comes with enhanced security. The cloud-based hosting offers a monthly subscription option.

On the other hand, Microsoft Dynamics on-premises hosting needs a proper set-up in terms of your system and application. In return it gives you full command over your CRM solution and lets you build a strong community.

You can also get another deployment option called partner hosted CRM is it basically an on-premise deployment controlled by Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners.

  1. Integration abilities of the suit with other Microsoft Products: one of the strong points of this business solution is its integrating capacity with other Microsoft applications. Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions seamlessly merge with the major products such as Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and SharePoint etc. In addition to this, Microsoft Dynamics Implementation also enables your system to integrate with utilitarian applications like Adobe document cloud, Pronto-Forms and account packages like Xero or Sage.
  2. Tools for sales and marketing management: with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales partners, you can get the CRM solution implemented and use its user-friendly interface and features-rich modules of Microsoft Dynamics for sales, marketing and customer service. It will effectively enhance the efficiency of your system. With the help of sales force automation, you can shorten the span of your sales lifecycle and enhance the productivity of your staff.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales partners can also help you with consultancy to get the maximum output from marketing automation, sales automation and other tools and functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  1. Customer service: it is the most important aspect of CRM software. With the tools of Dynamics CRM you can break down internal information silos faster than before. Its advanced features keep track of all the customer information, whether new or old, and help you take informed decisions.

These are just a few highlights. Apart from these there are other features, functionalities and tools of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that you can put into use and effectively grow your business. For more information on this, you can hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners and ask for a demo. Thereby, you can take a decision whether you would like to boost your system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution or not.

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