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Why Most Travelers Choose Morocco for Winter Holidays

Winter is on full swing in the most west in the world so in our homeland. We are planning to visit the destination which can provide us the best winter opportunities. Winter Holidays in Morocco is an option for us and comparatively far better. You may have other options too, can you write to tell about why to travel to your suggested holiday destination?

Reasons to opt for Morocco in Winters:

Here I’m gonna tell you about why the travelers who belong to the west should visit Morocco in winter. Before this we visited North Africa in Summers and enjoyed our trip, here are the reasons why we are going, and why you should visit the place.

Decending Mount Toubkal

Weather in winters is ideal and have diverse options:

Weather in Morocco is ideal for those who are coming from west to Morocco. Not only the warm sun experiences, but travelers would also take the pleasures of the white layered Atlas mountains too, which usually have the temperatures in Minus.

Not only this, travelers in winters, mostly enjoy their time in mainland destinations like Marrakech and the coastal famous destinations like Agadir and Tangier. Not only this. Morocco offers the vacationers the luxuries of the desert in the summer. People who come to visit Morocco in winter take its desert more serious to have the ultimate holiday experiences.

If I make the list of the destinations which I literally want to be on my Holidays in Morocco. I would visit Marrakech and have good time exploring the inland pleasures of Morocco. Then I will move up to have some time on Rif mountains, then to Desert and my last visit would be on the heavenly beaches in Morocco, Essaouira, Agadir, and Tangier. Believe me, I’m in love with the coastal life of Morocco and recommend you to must visit the place and take the warm sips out in the open terraces of the local coffee cafes.

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I would not prefer to go to the Atlas heights because I’m already fed up with the white layers in my hometown. Yes, you can take it as an option. Please, pack your things according to varying temperatures of Morocco, there day time and night time temperature also varies.

Red Marrakech in Winters:

Marrakech is called to be a red jewel of Morocco for a reason. It is also a hub of the total culture of Morocco and sometimes called mini Morocco, although it is not the real capital of the country.

What you can get from Marrakech in winter? Yes, Marrakech offers you great weather with sunny days and cold nights. The right weather allows you to explore the city’s culture and its architectural secrets visiting its old city called Medina. Museums, amusement parks, and the Zoo is another way to get the charms in Marrakech.

An important thing, Marrakech offers the famous and traditionally made dishes to the travelers. You will have the unique tastes of the dishes made of the local spices. Lamb Tajine is the most famous there, you will also take the pleasures of Harira soup and the couscous dish as a sweet dish. What you will always be offered will be the mint tea. Marrakech is already in my visit list in my incoming trip, did you add the place?

Casablanca proposes Romantic opportunities in winter:

What I forgot to mention, I also added to take the pleasures of the warm traditional Hammams in Marrakech. The spa is another activity you can’t miss there. But if you forget to take these things in Marrakech you can have the opportunity in Casablanca, and if not, Desert is the ideal place to take the Spa pleasures so don’t worry.

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Do you know the Classic film Casablanca? It is a romantic classic film shoot in the city of Casablanca. But Casablanca is different now. I watched the movie, but now Casablanca is having more metropolitan sense. You will find Casablanca world’s beautiful cities having top-notch hotels to have an opportunity to take the right Moroccan tastes.

The story doesn’t stops here. You have some other places to discover.

Desert and the Coast gives you the Ultimate diverse Experience in Morocco:

Are you visiting Desert first? Right. You should. Desert has all the holiday opportunities for the travelers who expect their perfect time in Morocco’s Sahara. Travelers like me only had read and seen the pictures of the landscape of red dunes and the drowning sun making a perfect sillohette of Camels walking in the queue.

I want to discover this in my this winter trip to Morocco with the right experiences of dancing around the bonfire in night time in the desert. Experiencing a camp life in the desert is a unique experience for us.

What remains? Yes the most important activity. Agadir and Tangier are the world’s famous coastal destinations in the world. My visit to these two cities is must and I have also made an appointment with my local friends over there to meet and have the sips of warm coffe and tea in the local cafes sitting in the terraces and overseeing the natural views of the sea. Wow.. Hope you also intended to visit Morocco now. Don’t delay, book your trip and set out to discover a unique land.

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