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Keurig K200 vs K250 – Why should I buy it?

Keurig is a leader in the unique coffee serving system, selling more than 11 million units in 2015.

Although most of those sales are from a dozen top models, there are many other models the company offers.

In fact, Keurig has produced more than 50 different models since the company’s inception.

It’s correct.

With so many different models, it’s hard to distinguish them. Sometimes the difference is extremely small.

Such an example is Keurig K200 vs K250.

If you decide between these two models, then you will be in the right place.

Keurig K200 vs K250

These models are exactly the same machine.

Wait, how could that be true? How Keurig can give the same machine exactly two different model numbers.

The difference is in the accessories.

Keurig K250 comes with 2 things that K200 doesn’t have:

  • Add 1 filer (total of 2)
  • Descaling solution

That’s it.

Keurig K200 vs K250 – Why should I buy it?

Besides being affordable, here are other reasons to get one for your home kitchen.

1. Easy to use

Like other fully automatic coffee makers, Keurig K250 and K200 thrive on their ease of operation. With just one button, they can brew different types of coffee depending on the setting you choose. From a single cup for your own consumption to a whole bottle of safe for everyone, fun, these machines make making coffee easy. You only need to buy a separate container to produce a larger volume of beer.

2. Many drink options

Because you buy from a global leader in the beverage industry, you can enjoy a wide range of pod brands that are compatible with Keurig systems. There are more than 75 beverage brands and 500 types of coffee, tea, cocoa and other drinks you can enjoy with these coffee machines. Just check the Keurig logo, when you choose your drink covers to make sure they will work.

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3. Control the power

Both units also boast of advanced functions that can seriously make your caffeine game for you. For one, these machines have an energy control function that allows you to modify the intensity of your beverage flavor to your liking. For those who drink coffee regularly have increased immunity to caffeine, this may help you to be more alert.

4. Smart technology

The advanced features don’t stop there because these machines are also part of the Keurig 2.0 brewing system. This branding technology allows brewers to recognize which group you’ve inserted, then default to the optimal setting for specific drinks. Your morning will be a lot better with smart technology making your coffee.

5. Compact

Although not as compact as Keurig K-mini plus or Keurig K15 Mini, these coffee makers still provide you with plenty of counter space for your kitchen appliances. Both models stand just a bit more at 13.7 inches feet, and have a thin width of 9 inches and a depth of 15 inches. Most are made of durable plastic, they weigh only 7.5 pounds, so you can easily store them in the cupboard or move them when it’s time to clean the house.

6. Large water capacity

Despite their small shape, both devices can hold up to 40 ounces of water. The tanks are strategically placed on either side to help save space. With the large amount of water in the system, you can mix up to five eight-ounce cups between charges. A simple black and white touch screen is also placed between the machines to help you navigate through the various settings. This is an important feature that many other coffee systems lack, especially craft systems that even retail at a higher price.

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7. Appeal

In terms of design, the K200 and K250 look alike and exude the modern design aesthetic that Keurig is known for. They come in classic colors like black, white and gray, so these convenient coffee makers will definitely blend with the rest of your interior. If you want to go for bold colors, both models are also available in striking shades of red, blue and turquoise. Elegant and eye-catching, these coffee makers will act as an instant highlight in your home.

Is Keurig K200 right for you?

Do the following describe you?

  • Want the cheapest brewer Keurig 2.0 available
  • There are Brita, Purr or other water filters, so you don’t need the starter water filter.
  • If you don’t have a Brita, Purr or other water filter, you shouldn’t give up the mind more often.
  • You are not afraid to fill 40 oz of water more often.

If so, Keurig K200 is right for you.

Is Keurig K250 right for you?

Keurig K250 comes with water filter and descaler solution, making it ideal for those who:

  • Want a manufacturer of cheap Keurig 2.0 beer.
  • There is no separate water filter and would like to buy Keurig including filters.
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