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Why Store Your Valuable Car in A Home Single Car Garage?

As you have already invested quite a great deal of money on the car, you need to protect it.  Thus, more and more people are now going for a single car garage. It is a simple way to keep your car protected and safe from environmental hazards and burglary.

Benefits of Single Car Garage:

There several benefits of a single car garage that you can enjoy , here is a look at some of these:

Space Saving Option:

If you have space constraint and you are looking for easy and space-saving option then investing in a single car garage is the best option for you. Furthermore, if you have a limited budget and have made up your minds to have only one car at a time then single garages are perfect for you to address. Double or multi-garages are expensive when compared to the single garage. So, if you don’t want to waste money on a garage space you won’t use later, then going for the basic one is perfect.

The best part about this type of garage is that you can convent any extra space available with you , then you can convert the same into a single car garage. Besides keeping your car, you can also use the space as a storage room. If you already have a basement or attic or even a single room for storage at home, then avoid spending money on multi-garage option and head for the single garage for your family car. Just be sure to choose the right size for it.

Keep your Vehicles More Secured:

The core purpose of a garage is to ensure that the vehicle is safe and secured. You can equip the single car garage with modern systems like auto alarms, leaving the car outside in your driveway is not a clever choice. If you have a single car garage, you can keep it protected from scratches and dings from natural elements, or other vehicles. Falling tree branches and hail are some common natural elements, which can easily damage your car from outside. Scratches, dents and broken windows are some of the possible exterior problems, when a vehicle is kept outdoors. Avoid all that by building a home adjacent single garage. Moreover, garage also ensures that the vehicle is protected from UV rays and sun rays which can cause discoloration of the vehicle.

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Try to Make Garage Bigger:

Even if you are using a single car garage, you can consider the size. If you already have one, you can easily expand it using some simple tricks. But, this solution has its own drawbacks.

  • The recommended size for one car garage minimum has to be around 12 feet wide by 24 feet deep. You can expand it to around 14 feet x 22 feet and 16 feet x 24 feet for accommodating larger jeeps and keeping some room for storage.
  • You are always invited to hire well-trained garage builder to expand your existing garage or create a new one completely from scratch. They know how to provide extra parking space and will use their experience for ideas.


With all these benefits, you now know that having a single car garage can be a cost-effective and apt way to keep your car safe and secured. Make sure that you contact a good garage door installation company. There are many such companies around you , but you must choose the one which is reliable and can offer an easy installation. In case you don’t know about any such company, you can search for them on the internet. Here you will get complete information about the garage door installation company and connect with them for door installation.

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