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Why Teaching Should Go Beyond Knowledge Sharing?

Classrooms should become more than just a space

The classroom has undergone significant change in recent times. The advent of the internet age has made virtual classrooms not just possible but extremely affordable and a lucrative option for many. However the traditional classroom serves as a very important space when it comes to the development of young learners and many a time is their introduction into the world of learning and knowledge sharing. This crossroad that teaching as a practice and the classroom as a space finds itself in right now also encourages us to think ways to make the classroom experience a richer one. Many a time the classroom fails to attract a student into the world of learning is primarily because of its obsolete methods of student engagement that is still in use.

Classrooms need to be tailor-made

A classroom needs to cater to the students in it. It should never be the other way around where students succumb to the classroom. This is easier said than done. Classrooms do need to provide a sense of challenge to its students, but these challenges should be designed keeping in mind the learner skill sets and the learner requirements. Teachers today are considered to play the role of an enabler and not purely that of an instructor. This has a significant role to play when it comes to increasing the engagement levels of students and also instilling in them a sense of curiosity and creativity towards the concepts and ideas discussed and taught in the classroom.

Classrooms should show and not just tell

The fundamental difference between show and tell is that the former enables students to use their creativity to imagine real world application to the ideas they’ve been introduced to in the classroom where as the latter just tell them what the idea is without instilling any sense of being able to relate to it. This has been one of the fundamental challenges faced by classrooms in India which ends up producing very many qualified individuals at the end of their regular schooling but fails to evoke in them a true sense of ‘education’ that overwhelmingly involves problem solving and mitigation skills, a holistic understanding of concepts and a grounding in the society that surrounds them.

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Classrooms should build a community

Education plays important part and the institutions where one is educated in has a significant bearing on an individual. The classroom is a space where a young individual is first introduced to the idea of community. When the learning curriculum is filled with activities in its pursuit of teaching young learners new concepts what it ends up achieving is in the creation of an individual who has the technical know-how but also one adept in implementing it and working with a group of others with varying perspectives for the larger goal.

The educational space has very many challenges to deal with, but it is important to understand the classroom not just as a physical space but also an emotional space. Here it is not just the product that counts but also the process and as long as the process takes into account the needs of the learner, his/her interests and emotional quotient education will be imparted in its true sense. All of these challenges can be mitigated and catered to only with the help of state-of-the-art infrastructure. Schools like the Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society have a legacy of being extremely committed to having great infrastructure and using it to provide a level of education that caters to its students to truly unlock their limitless potential. This is also one of the reasons why DPSG is many a time considered to have the best infrastructure among schools in Gurgaon.

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