Why Use A Corporate Plant Service In Philadelphia?

There’s plenty on your plate already at work, whether you’re the office manager or just someone that happens to wear plenty of hats to work each and every day. With so much on your plate, you might be wondering why you should pay the extra money for a Corporate Plant Service In Philadelphia.

You’ve probably heard of all of the benefits of including plants into your interior spaces, be they at home or in the office setting. Maybe you’re even sold on them. Of course, you’re aware of the fact that plants can help people feel healthier and more productive. You’ve heard that plants can have a positive effect on the way a space is perceived as either welcoming or threatening and uninviting. Big surprise – it’s been suggested that plants make a space feel less exclusive and even safer. Perhaps you are aware of the fact that beyond all of the subjective positive metrics of plants being kept indoors, that there are many more easily measurable reasons that you might want to create an indoor layout that includes plants.

For example, you’ve probably heard that plants actually help to absorb noise and decrease the background noise in a setting. You’ve heard it said – and it’s true – that plants help to regulate the humidity of a setting to keep it within in the healthy range. The fact that plants help to regulate humidity will also help to mitigate the effects of diseases that can be aggravated by excessive dryness. Then, of course, there is the well-known fact that plants help to cleanse the air of volatile organic compounds and other toxins, while at the same time offering free oxygen. It sounds like a pretty hefty list of benefits, and it is.

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Still, though, it doesn’t seem reasonable that you should shell out the additional funds for a corporate plant service in Philadelphia. Why not just buy a few indoor plants, pot them yourself and place them around the office where you think they’d fit best. After all, even if you aren’t a botanist, you’re certainly capable of spicing up the interior design with some well-chosen and well-placed plants.

That might be true, but here’s the catch. A knowledgable corporate plant service in Philadelphia with plenty of background knowledge can help you prevent some potential pitfalls and ensure you actually get the intended benefits of those plants.

That’s because where you might need a little additional insight into the specific needs of live plants, Plantscapes USA has seen it all. They’ll take a look at your interior design and make suggestions for the office plants that would thrive best in that location. Even more, they’ll look after the specific needs of your interior plantscaping design.

With years of experience offering design, installation and maintenance services for clients in and around Philadelphia who want to reap the benefits of live plants in their interior design, Plantscapes USA is uniquely situated to offering you a unique design that incorporates live plants that will thrive in your setting. What’s more than that is the fact that they’ll ensure that plants are installed in a manner that promotes the long term health of the plants so you can enjoy the benefits in the long term. And, speaking of the long term, they’ll provide ongoing support and maintenance to their live arrangements, so if you’re not fully prepared to offer ongoing care to your arrangements, Plantscapes USA will take care of that for you. If you’re ready to take the plunge and bring some plants indoors so your office space can offer a better setting to those that work there, take a look at what Plantscapes USA can do for you on their site at PlantscapesUSA.com.

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