Why You Need a WiFi Extender?

Your router is installed in the basement and you want signals on the second floor? No worries, setting up an extender can be your best bet!

If you own a decent router but are struggling with spotty WiFi signal in your home, then you are suggested to get benefit from a WiFi extender. This post will guide you on how does a WiFi extender work and which brand you must rely on for enjoying the best outcome.

How does a WiFi extender work?

A WiFi extender helps in boosting the WiFi signal so that you can enjoy seamless internet connectivity. These devices receive signals from your router and then broadcast it to the area of your house that needs a signal boost. All in all, extenders help in turning dead zones into fun zones.

The Best Extender to Buy

Netgear is one of the best brands to consider when comes to buy a new WiFi extender. The company offers an array of model options under the line of Netgear extenders. Moreover, setting up these devices is a piece of cake. All you need is access the default web address mywifiext.net or IP address and set up your Netgear extender without any hassle.

In case mywifiext.net setup is not working or you are facing any issue while configuring your WiFi extender then contacting Netgear extender support can save you in a big way.

Points to Consider before Buying an Extender

Before investing money on these WiFi boosting products, you need to consider a few things. Let’s dig a bit deeper and know the points that one should keep in mind before buying a WiFi extender.

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Placement of your router matters

If your router is placed in an area that is not the most favorable to a solid signal, then a WiFi extender is not going to work for you in most promising manner. In such a case, try placing your router to another place. If still your router is not working for you, then consider getting an extender.

Consider your internet usage

Are there many people at your home that are using your WiFi network for different purposes? If yes, that could be the problem behind your slow internet speed. If your internet is not fast enough for supporting many users at your place at once, then a WiFi extender may not help you.

However, if the router is just for you, your phone and other devices and the problem still persists, then chances are your router has reached its last stage and you need an extender to boost its signals.

Is your router good enough?

The router model you are using to get connected to the internet should also be considered before investing money on an extender. Make sure you are using an upgraded version of a router and that too of a good company. If not, then you might need an extender to boost the WiFi signals of your router.

Go with a wired connection

If you are one of those who are highly dependent on a consistent internet connection, then you may think of setting up a wired connection. This way you would certainly be able to enjoy a decent WiFi, unless there is an issue from the end of your ISP. Apart from that, if you remove a device from your WiFi network, it results in freeing up the bandwidth for other devices.

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Here’s to hope that this post will help you make your decision when comes to buy a new extender. Don’t forget to consider the points listed above to make the most of your router as well as extender. Enjoy surfing the internet the way you fancy!

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