Wikipedia – One of the World’s Independent Encyclopedias

Wikipedia – One of the World’s Independent Encyclopedias

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia created and maintained by a community of authors living in different countries. In each country, or rather, in each language group, there is a group of people on a voluntary basis who create their own articles that give interpretations to various terms and concepts, or moderate articles by other authors.

A lot of good and complete instructions on the topic “How to create a company or person’s page on Wikipedia” have been published on the Internet. But if you tried once to post such an article, you remember what difficulties this process is associated with. It’s important not only to write a unique encyclopedic meaningful text, to prepare and post photographs, to arrange all this in the form of a Wiki code markup. It is also important to overcome the Wikipedia moderators, who will be very critical of the material you posted. And if they don’t like your material, or if they suspect an advertising component in it, then your material will be deleted without regret.

Benefits of Wikipedia Presence

Posting material on Wikipedia gives a huge advantage to a person or company. All modern search engines are configured to submit articles from the Wiki before the search results from other sites. A Wikipedia article is a very powerful success factor. If you were able to post an article about a person, company, or just some clarifying information with a mention of the person or company of your client, and the moderators accepted and approved this, then this is undoubtedly one of the indicators of success.

It is important to note that moderators aim to preserve the information content and encyclopedic value of Wikipedia. And all their efforts are aimed at preventing the crowdsourcing encyclopedia from becoming a collection of advertisements. Therefore, it is important to consider the interests of moderators when compiling materials for Wikipedia. If moderators notice an advertising component in the material, then they will most likely delete it.

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Preparing and posting material for Wikipedia

When preparing articles for Wikipedia, Wiki experts process huge amounts of information that the customer provides them, as well as those that they find regardless of their facility. They prepare material according to Wikipedia rules, and not according to customer requirements. But the client, anyway, if successful, will get what he wants – at the appropriate personal or brand request, Wikipedia will issue the desired article. And, therefore, all search engines too. It is worth considering such experts who offer Wikipedia page creation service.

The cost of creating and posting materials on Wikipedia

First you need to examine the subject of the article for the presence of authoritative sources (AI). The purpose of this event is to compile a list of publications on the subject of the article, to evaluate the quality of the sources found. As you correctly assume, just links from your corporate website or personal page as a quality are not enough. Creating a wiki page or article for a person can range from $800-$1,000.

Useful hacks for working with this encyclopedia

Keep to the optimal page length.

Too long articles are a signal for editors to pay attention to the page and check its significance and reliability. If the company does not have 100 years of experience in the market, do not write a scientific treatise about it. It is enough to tell who you are, what you do and what you have achieved. But too short pages look suspicious – let the article be more than 500 characters.

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Link your page to others

Often editors delete articles that are not related to anything in meaning. Therefore, before writing about your company, make sure that Wikipedia has an article about the industry in which you work, or about the technologies that you use.

What if the page is deleted?

Any participant can propose an article for deletion, and a decision is made based on the results of a vote by administrators. If you have made serious mistakes, your page can be deleted even without talking.

To recover, you need to file a special application and justify your request. Be polite – for inappropriate behavior, insulting participants and too heated discussions, you can get a blockage.

The discussion takes place for at least a week, after which a decision is made. If the article is controversial, the discussion can go on forever. But if the article is restored, a special tag will appear on it, which will save the page from being deleted again.

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