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Words Best Palmers Cocoa Butter Review With Vitamin E

Hey guys. And today I want to do a review of my polymers cocoa butter formula with vitamin E. Now I have been using this moisturizer for many years. I absolutely love it and it’s amazing. If you guys have dry or itchy skin or sensitive skin and you could even use this after you shave your legs and it won’t sting the hell out of them as some other moisturizers do. Now I would apply this right before bed because it is a little bit thicker than the other lotions that I say if I was going out or something I would use a thinner.

Kind of I uses actually a Vaseline. And moisturizer for that kind of thing because it actually absorbs very fast. But this one I love to play before bed and it is absolutely amazing and it smells absolutely fantastic. I love the smell of cocoa butter. Oh yes.

Now I do have some other things to say when it comes to this product and that is it has a fragrance free line and I didn’t actually know this until one day I was in shopping and I went to one shop that doesn’t usually stock Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion and they’ve recently started stocking it and I picked it up thinking oh my god that’s a much better price. I may as well get a bottle of this while I can. I brought it home and I tried it and I didn’t know that it was the fragrance-free version.

And oh my Lord was I in for a surprise because I had no other moisturizer on that particular day when I tried it. I had used them all.

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And I applied it to my legs and next thing I know I like what the hell is that smell. It smells like hot dogs. It was just like hot dogs and my dog came over and she was smelling my legs and she licked them and I was there thinking Oh my God it’s me.

I smell like hot dogs. It turned out that the fragrance-free version of the polymers cocoa butter is not fragrance-free at all. And there is a reason that it was.

Like not as expensive. Oh my God, guys. Seriously if you go to buy the fragrance-free version just be prepared that a pack of dogs might be following you down the street because they think you smell like hot dog meat and all. No, it’s no fragrance-free at all. There must have been some sort of mix up at the factory and some guy who was having his lunch too near the formula and he dropped his lunchbox in and they just so happen to be a hot dog in it because there is no other way I can’t describe it as an older smell other than hot dogs.

It was gross.

It was just gross and nothing like the actual original version at all. I said at the beginning of the article I love this product but I would not get the fragrance free version unless you really like to smell like hot dogs then please go ahead and buy the fragrance free version. But if you’d rather just smell like cocoa butter. I know some people don’t like the smell of cocoa butter. But it’s worth fish if it means you have lovely smooth.

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Gorgeous legs that aren’t irritation anymore or dry anymore. I mean if you could do it one day a week because it’s brilliant. Bush a big no for the fragrance-free version.

OK, guys so that was my review of the polymers cocoa butter formula and the fragrance-free version. And please like this article leave a comment below.

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