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Worth of Certifications for Team Leaders in the BPO Industry

Team leaders in the BPO industry are experienced professionals that are multi-skilled and possess leadership traits. Strong interpersonal skills, knowledge of industry’s best practices, and a desire to succeed are some of the essential qualifications to get selected for the role.

The skillset needed to become a call centre team leader is considered to be of paramount importance in the bpo industry. As an individual in the leadership position, you will head a team consisting of service agents, and the said role will demand of you to manage the productivity and work of the whole team. You will be responsible for the team under you to deliver excellent customer experiences. The quality of work your team delivers must conform to the highest standards benchmarked.

Role of Industry-Leading Professional Certifications

A comprehensive professional bpo certification will help you prepare for varied industries simultaneously. You take an online bpo certification that covers all the major concepts and topics a team leader should be aware of and guess what? You get prepared for a team leader role for numerous kinds of industries such as telecom, travel, bpo, banks, sales & marketing, contact centers, insurance, among others.

Significance of Skilled Individuals in the BPO Industry

Skills are the number one thing a company seeks in an individual while hiring for a team leader role, apart from the experience factor. In the BPO sector, it’s all about convincing and man-management, especially for a leadership role. And therefore, management skills are the most demanded by the firms across the world when they recruit for bpo team leaders.

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Customers expect a lot from the service agents that address their issues, which demands exceptional management skills from the team leaders. As you are responsible to take up escalations that involve irate customers, convincing skills do come into play every now and then. It can prove to be a highly daunting task to manage a large team of service agents along with addressing the consumers’ issues on a day-to-day basis for individuals that lack the desired patience.

Responsibilities of a Competent BPO Team Leader

Each job brings its own set of responsibilities and duties. As a BPO team leader, the management will expect of you to effectively manage a group of bpo professionals that will work under your guidance. Big companies depend a lot more on team leaders in comparison to organizations with fewer employees.

Key tasks, a team leader in the bpo sector is expected to carry out include:

  • Take regular training to further elevate the team’s performance.
  • Oversee team’s work on a day-to-day basis to single out issues in the process acting as roadblocks, and gauging the unit’s performance.
  • Act as a mediator between the management and the service agents.
  • Register agents’ feedback and viewpoints to contribute to improving the workplace environment as a whole.
  • Ensuring that the agents are religiously following the company’s decorum, best practices, and core values.

Parting Words

Effective leadership in a call center ecosystem holds a lot of weight. Higher management relies completely on the team leaders and mid-level management to get the clients’ work done. Team leaders are the key people in the bpo sector that work in a client-facing role and are responsible for the upkeep of service level agreements and delivery of related quality standards.

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Getting the job done and achieving daily targets in terms of customer experience, service standards, and maintaining quality standards is considered a team leader’s responsibility at a call center.

Now, you understand the seriousness of the role of a team leader in the bpo sector, and the skills required to fulfill the work expectations.

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