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Your Choice of Phone Case Says a Lot About You

Did you know your choice of phone case says a lot about what type of person you are? Many of us love to take personality tests in a bid to learn more about who we are. However, the answers could be much closer than you think.

Think about it. Our phones are probably the most crucial gadget we have. Many people spend a large chunk of their day staring at the screens of their phones. It makes sense that how we choose to accessorize our phones would be a reflection of our personalities.

Our phones are mirrors into our souls, and the cases we choose for them say a lot about who we are.

  • The plain, sturdy and straightforward phone case:- You’re a practical person only interested in function. Your phone doesn’t need all those bells and whistles. You simply need a case to keep it in its best shape to perform its function. You’re probably a sensible person that likes to get things done the right way. You treasure reliability over form. You don’t mind having a typical case as long as it can be in use for a long time to come.
  • Glittery phone case:- You’re the person that walks into a room and turns heads. You’re a diva and love everything feminine. You are confident in who you are and appreciate fashion. You keep up with the latest fashion trends and love to look your best at all times. You’re the modern-day Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. Nothing is worth having if it doesn’t sparkle. You’ll probably trade in your phone case in a few months for a trendier one anyway.
  • Themed phone case:- Themed phone cases can be anything from a star phone case, cartoon character, astronaut iPhone case, or images representing other themes. You are a carefree individual that is passionate. You want to share your passion with the world, and your phone case is the perfect way to do it. You are youthful at heart. You have kept your childhood dreams alive and have a young spirit. You are open-minded and most likely open to adventure.
  • The folio (wallet) phone case:- You like to keep things organized and within easy reach. You don’t like the idea of losing sight of a receipt. You never forget any documents, and you’re always ready for anything. You are ever on time or even early for appointments. You can’t fathom the idea of being late or missing an appointment. You’re careful with your belongings and take good care of your phone. You’ve probably never dropped your phone. You’re a logical person that is extremely organized.
  • A monogrammed case:- You’re a person that loves to spend good money on what they own. Nothing you own comes from the local store around the corner. You make a point of researching brands to ensure that you get the best that money can buy. You have good taste and will invest money in what you believe. It doesn’t matter what other people think. All that matters is that you’re confident in the decisions you make. Your meticulous about everything you do.
  • The motif phone case:- You love to find inspiration in the world around you. Nothing is too overdone. You don’t waste time with the latest trends. You set trends. You’re a lover of the arts. You love to express yourself in the items you purchase, including your clothes and phone case.
  • No phone case:- It isn’t that you don’t care about your phone. You’re probably very careful with it. It may be that you’re very particular about your choices and simply can’t make a decision about what case to buy. It may also be that you don’t think a phone case is necessary and prefer to have your phone as it is.
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Life is a journey in self-discovery. Your phone case says a lot about who you are. Take advantage of the many choices available to express your personality.