Your favorite Avengers Hereos Costume for Halloween 2019

Now that Halloween is almost around the corner and if you haven’t already thought out your costume for this year’s Halloween you might be leaving it too late. But don’t worry this is your lucky day as we bring you the best and your favorite Avengers costume ideas for this Halloween.

It was inevitable that Avengers: End Game will top the all the box office rankings, but when it does so close to Halloween it is only right that we celebrate it the way it deserves. It is not just about celebrating Halloween in our favorite Marvel character costumes such as Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Black Panther, Star-Lord, and Rocket Racoon but it is also about giving them the tribute they deserve for giving us such a great story.  If you are looking for inspiration then look no further for we have the most amazing Avengers costume ideas and cheap Halloween contact lenses UK to really give you the superhero look you so crave.

 Here are the best and our favorite Avengers costume ideas for Halloween.

Captain America

For Team Captain America, we know your sense of justice and all of you are forever determined to defend humanity despite what the meddling higher authority want – and even if it means going against your close friend Iron man and other Avengers!

If you are looking for Captain America costumes for this Halloween then you have the best costume available from all stores out there. You can find the costume available for kids and adults alike, you will also get the iconic Captain America Sheild with the costume.


Iron man

For those Iron Man fans out there young, teens and adults, we’ve got you covered from all sides. A complete iron bodysuit with Arc Reactor will give you insane strength and flying ability to save the world – even if you are just a self-made superhero. Like many other Avenger superheroes, Iron Man’s costume is completed with a mask and white contact lenses. You are allowed to take the mask off and display the true Iron man with tinted glasses and a facial beard after all everyone knows Tony Stark. You can find Iron man costumes for Halloween from online and nearby stores and cheap Halloween contact lenses UK from here.

Black widow

Coming next is the Russian spy Natasha Romanov. This hot redhead has not been cast just for the looks she is a tough fighter. Although she doesn’t have superpowers, she certainly has the fighting skills and the heart to sacrifice herself to save the world. All you need for a Black Widow costume for Adults and Children is a tight black suit with the right fighting gear, all Black widow costumes are easily available for in stores for all sizes too. 

Black Panther

The Black Panther film, which completely revolved around the country Wakanda and whether it – which has hidden from the outside world and its advanced society and technology kept secret for centuries – should reveal itself to the world. In the end of that film, King T’Challa decides to open the technological advancements of Wakanda to the rest of the world, whosoever needs it. In the Avengers: End Game movie you don’t get to see Wakanda much, but you witness the King of Wakanda and its troops one more time on the final battlefield – apparently fighting for the fate of the world with the rest of the Avengers.  

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Dress up as King T’Challa in your own black Vibranium suit, with the black panther mask whether you are an adult or a child and shout WAKANDA FOREVER!!. 


Spiderman has been an all-time favorite of many Halloween lovers. You might have grown old but you cannot forget your childhood days where spiderman dress was the bomb for Halloween parties. Now Spiderman has again resurfaced on the stage with a new high tech dress with some help from his mentor Iron man AKA Tony Stark. In the Infinity War trailer we see Spiderman officially an Avenger and taking a fight to Thanos he returns to end the fight in Avengers End Game. You go Spidey. Get the latest spiderman designed costume this Halloween for kids and adults alike.


Who doesn’t love the new Fat, funny and depressed Thor? After killing Thanos in End Game at the start he takes him on again at the end when he returns. But, more importantly, it was his funny side which made the movie all the more likable. Get the Asgardian’s dress cape and the Mjolnir with Stormbreaker to become Thor this Halloween


Be cautious, you won’t like him when he’s angry! But he has gotten to his senses now in End Game and also he brings back everyone after 5 years. Bring out the genius beast from inside of you with the Hulk costume this Halloween. Don’t forget to wear those green Halloween eye contacts to really awaken the beast.

Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon

Also appearing and returning in The Avengers: End Game are two of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon.

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The leader of the Guardians of the galaxy, Star-Lord a.k.a Peter Quill! It is time for another adventure after beating Thanos. Get rolling with Rocket Raccoon, the coolest and the meanest Guardian of the Galaxy! Make sure you rock the Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon costume this Halloween.

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