How Microsoft Dynamics AX has Evolved over the Years

Previously, Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions were known by different names, varying from time to time. Originally it was called IBM Axapta. It consisted of a programming system of its own and has an X++ programming language. But at this point of time, Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions could only perform basic functions i.e., integrating business functionalities and general accounting. The tools to conduct these processes were also limited and simple. Over the years, that has changed. Here we will see how:

Dynamics AX 4.0: 2006

This version of Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions was launched with the motto of helping the client companies to gain competence and remain a step ahead in their league by empowering them with powerful tools to improve their business operations. This version came with advanced features and delivered, to its clients, a compact and impactful ERP solution. The features of this solution help the clients to automate and streamline their business processes.

Dynamics AX 2009: 2008

This version of Dynamics AX was effective in strengthening the backbone of user companies. With its powerful ERP solutions and capabilities, organizations and companies could easily streamline their business operations and reduce their cost. The functionalities also helped them to manage their compliance and take informed decisions. The chief utility of this solution is that it can help a company operate globally with its adaptable features.

Dynamics AX 2012: 2011

The AX 2012 version of Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions was a big jump towards it advancement. It was supported in more than thirty countries and twenty-five languages. It served medium to large sized businesses and was made available to the clients through Microsoft Dynamics AX partners. The features of this program help the user companies to conduct the operations in the manufacturing and distribution devices.

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AX 7: 2016

This version of the business solution came with another great update in terms of a UI. This system was delivered through a browser. It used a browser- based HTML5 client. However, this version saw its end quickly with the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation: 2017

This is the latest version of Dynamics AX that Dynamics AX partners can provide their clients with. This is a program that has integrated the ERP and CRM modules of Microsoft Dynamics business solutions. It is available as a cloud-based program. It is available in two versions, the business central edition and the enterprise edition.

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics AX partners, you can understand the functionalities and the specifications of this upgraded version better.

Thus, upgrade your system and get the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX solution to enjoy the best of its operational features.

SUMMARY : The business solution named Dynamics AX has undergone a lot of changes over the years. With each upgrade the system has evolved to empower their clients in conducting their business operations smoothly and conveniently. This article illustrated the transition of Microsoft Dynamics Axapta from its initial state to its latest version.

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