Suresh Nanda

Philanthropy in the time of corona – Suresh Nanda continues to advocate

The saying ‘Philanthropy is not just about giving money but leveraging whatever resources you have at your fingertips in order to improve the world,’ can’t be more true when it comes to Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates. A quintessential entrepreneur and a benevolent human being at that, the business magnate has time and again proved himself to be a patron of philanthropy and social change.

Even when the USA President Donald Trump decided to halt its funding for WHO amid the pandemic crisis, Bill Gates continued to advocate the organisation’s cause. In light of the ongoing concerns, the Gates Foundation which is the second largest donor of WHO, has pledged around $250 million for development of vaccines and to bolster the healthcare system of the third world countries. Additionally, the fund is also aimed at curbing the economic impact of the pandemic on poor people.

In regard to the laudable work done by the business tycoon, Suresh Nanda, Chairman of the Claridges Group of Hotels, also appreciated the initiative and further highlighted the urgency to support the Covid 19-hit victims, be it financially or otherwise, add to this the fact that it is usually the marginalised communities who receive the hardest blow whenever crisis like this arises. A pandemic that has engendered anxiety in a world which is already frail, keeping our humanity intact and an overall global co-ordination seem to be the ideal way to achieve normalcy.

When it comes to benevolence in the time of pandemic, even India can be taken as a paragon, considering its pledge to provide hydroxychloroquine, claimed to be a possible medication for covid-19, to over 40 countries. Out of them, around five million tablets are being offered for free. “While it is highly commendable on the part of our country to support other countries in times of need, this can also possibly improve their bilateral relationships,” opines Suresh Nanda. The hotelier, at the same time, also appealed others to give succour and strength to those who are hit by the ordeal, in any way they can.

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Mr Nanda himself had recently joined hands with several NGOs and other organisations to offer food aid to the needy including the daily wage workers and their families. When it comes to the entrepreneur’s philanthropic deeds, the list is long and he continues to advocate it all the while uplifting others as well to do the same. While the initiatives by elites and business moguls who are in a better position to help others cannot be overstated, there are other ways in which we, as laymen, can also do to make a difference.