Understanding the Importance of a Pharmacy’s Legitimacy

How to understand if a pharmacy is legitimate

An authentic pharmacy will have a seal of approval given by VIPPS or the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites). To have this, a website must prove it being licensed under an NABP or National Association of Boards of Pharmacies team of inspection. An online pharmacy may also be legitimate without VIPPS approval, as this is encouraged by the pharmacy board but not made mandatory. 

If you are looking for a few options, try checking the NABP site in order to find the list pharmacies having the seal. Along with this, you will also find information on the websites that you must avoid. Suppose you come across an online pharmacy that doesn’t have VIPPS accreditation, it should at least have the licensing information along with an official address displayed on the website, so that buyers can reach out to it in case of an issue. The licensing can be checked with a state board of pharmacies in the state where you reside. 

A safe way is to look for the online extension of a pharmacy that you have visited and you are satisfied with the quality of medicine and service it has. 

Does buying from an online pharmacy require a doctor’s prescription?

A lot of them would not really look for the prescription. However, very authentic and popular sites will ask for it. Try to avoid websites that state “no medical prescription required” and are offering discounts or enabling bargaining. It is through these sites, narcotics, steroid, etc have been purchased easily. While sometimes they ask buyers to fill out a questionnaire and claim it to be checked by a medical practitioner, they really do not do so. Such websites and claims are clearly trouble. A legitimate pharmacy will ask for prescription give by your physician. 

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What if the website has a doctor to review medical histories of patients/ buyers?

An online survey by a so-called doctor (with no evidence if the person is really a medical practitioner) will never be close to a personal medical checkup. Only the treating physician, who has complete knowledge of your medical history and ailments, can rightfully prescribe medicines to you. Simply buying from online stores will not guarantee that the medicine will not have adverse effect on you. 

It is important to have face-to-face contact with the doctor. Online companies that overlook this factor will let you have medicines that can be harmful, when taken with other medicines which you have been prescribed and you are taking already. 

Given below are some tips that will help you to make right choices about selecting an online pharmacy:

  • Go for a site that has a registered pharmacist, who can answer your queries
  • Always look for an online pharmacy that will post information about its method of dealing with complaints.

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