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Couples tips on decorating your bedroom for your first night together

Whether you’re newly-wed, have a domestic partnership or a live in relationship – the first night together spent as a couple should be memorable and unique. Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’re going to divulge all our home decor ideas that will hopefully make your first night together with your partner a success. 

These simple ideas for home decor will require a bit of effort and you can either do it as a surprise for your partner or alternatively, do it together as a bonding experience. Part of creating a life together is doing little things like decorating your home or designing a space that reflects both your personalities. Either way, these five home decor ideas will no doubt help you make a memorable first night! 

Let’s begin, shall we?


Aroma or the sense of smell is often forgotten about, but it plays a considerable role with memory. Fragrances can take us back to people and places faster than a picture can, therefore, scatter your room with scented candles! Alternatively, you could lightly spray your bedsheets with a perfume or fabric spray to give them that freshly washed effect. This is also a great idea if you’ve been together for years and want to spice up your marriage – bring back the sensuality in your relationship with fragrance! 


Lighting is everything, especially if it’s subdued and dreamy. Soft yellow light or candlelight adds a romantic feel to the room. Avoid hard white light or bright light fixtures; those can be used for other occasions. However, for your first night together, set the mood with multiple candles and night lamps. If you want to add a little whimsical touch, fairy lights in a yellow-white hue gives the room a warm and inviting feel. 

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Fresh flowers are a lovely touch to the room for your first night together. However, don’t be a cliche by sprinkling petals over the bed. Instead, be unique and have bouquets of your partner’s favourite flower in vases all over the room. Flowers give off a natural fragrance that will add to the night’s allure. Not only will you get brownie points for remembering your partner’s favourite flower, but it’ll also make your bedroom look uber stylish. This home decor idea is an easy one to do, all you need is a good florist! 

No Devices! 

This one is more a tip than a home decor idea, but it’s a good one! Your first night of marriage or live in relationship should be special – so, don’t let phone calls, Instagram or any other notifications be a distraction! Get a ‘phone basket’ and keep it near the bedroom door, so you can leave your phones at the door before you enter the room. Just this once, enjoy a couples night free from phones. Although, we suggest this phone-free rule should be practised at least once a week! Plus, your partner will be so impressed by your attention and focus that you’ll be in their good books for days – talk about a memorable night! 

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Those were our home decor ideas for couples; we hope they were helpful! If you’ve got more decor ideas, please feel free to tell us in the comment section. We love hearing from you! 

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