How is AI Impacting the Automotive Industry?

AI in the automotive sector is not new, but the way it has leveraged itself to become an inseparable part in the field speaks volumes about the kind of impact it is making as a whole.

For quite a long time now, the world has been aware of self-driving technology used by Tesla, the electric vehicle, and the clean energy giant. Through these self-driving cars, Tesla is trying to leap ahead with the application of Artificial Intelligence in the automotive industry.

That’s something not every company has been able to pull off. But a key question arises-

Is the scope of AI limited to only self-driving cars?

Well, no. Self-driving car tech is just one factor that is governed by the progress of Artificial Intelligence. However, AI in automotive is so much more.

Apart from self-driving, keeping us more connected, safe and on decided schedules is something which can be accomplished through AI even if we drive our vehicle ourselves.

If the current trends are anything to go by, Artificial Intelligence will drive the growth of self-driving vehicles to an extent that they will become mainstream within the next two decades. Apart from this, AI will also change a lot of steps involved in the automobile manufacturing process, like research and design, project management and even the functions that lend extended support to the business.

Here’s a look at some of the ways through which Artificial Intelligence is leading the way into the future with a great deal of impact on vehicle owners, automakers and even service providers of AI technology in the sector.

  • AI Software to Connect Vehicles
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The way through which we have come to recognize AI in the automotive sector. AI helps in monitoring multiple sensors by giving driver alerts, taking emergency control of the vehicle and emergency braking too.

Both AI and Machine Learning have also been successfully implemented in automobile navigation software.

  • Tesla, Tesla & Tesla

No AI blog is complete without the mention of Tesla in automotive. After electric cars, the company has now been taking huge steps ahead in the self-driving arena. Cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radar, sonar and GPS all collect their respective data chunks and transfer them to an AI program that converts this sensory data to vehicle controlling data.

It’s Autopilot software is sophisticated enough to take you to your appointment marked in your calendar if you are not in the mood of the conversation.

  • Vehicle Manufacturing

AI has revolutionized vehicle manufacturing as well. These smart robots work in collaboration with their assembly line human workers, by monitoring how they work and adjust their operations accordingly so as to prevent any kind of a mishap.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is another piece of AI technology that has come to the horizon in recent times. Without any human interference, these AGVs include objects and complete material delivery to various sections of manufacturing plants.

  • Automotive Insurance Claims

The auto insurance sector to has embraced the use of AI in connected automobiles for risk assessment in real-time, helping with the quick filing of insurance claims in case of an accident. The risk profiles too are accurately created as AI accounts for different factors of individual drivers and even their driving history.

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Overall, the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence has made a huge impact in the automotive industry. Needless to say the potential is simply immense, which is a unanimous situation with multiple businesses and startups all over the world.

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