Soul Urge Number

How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

3 Steps To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

The soul urge number is one among the many numbers in numerology. a bit like the opposite numbers like angel numbers, twin flame numbers, destiny numbers, life path numbers, personality number, and birthday numbers, it tries to link your life with numbers that resonate with you.

Numerology uses your soul urge number to form you fully conscious of who you’re and what your purpose on earth is. It tries to inform you why you are doing things the way you are doing them, and why things happen to you at certain times.

To get a full understanding of your soul’s purpose, who you actually are, and more, you would like to understand your soul urge number.

What are your soul urge number and the way does one calculate it? Read on to find out this and more.

What Is A Soul Urge Number?

A soul urge number is additionally referred to as the heart’s desire number. It represents who you’re on the within and shows you your true desires.

Your soul urge number allows you to know your likes and dislikes, and your needs. Your soul urge number unlocks the part of you that’s hidden from the planet.

Understanding your soul urge number allows you to know your fears, inner cravings, urges, passion, and deep motivation. It allows you to know the force behind your soul coming into existence and what it’s to experience.

When you discover your soul urge number, you start to know things and life generally makes more sense to you. Depression and anxiety you’ll are feeling are going to be lifted because you recognize exactly what your soul needs and you recognize the way to satisfy that want.

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What is My Soul Urge Number?

Your soul urge number is calculated using all the vowels in your full name.

In some cases, ‘y’ is counted as a vowel too when it acts as a vowel, like within the names Jerry, Yvonne, and Sharyn.

Only vowels are used and not consonants due to the way vowels are pronounced. they’re formed by the free flow of breath from you, and this flow of breath is air, spirit, and your soul’s essence.

How Does One Calculate The Soul Urge Number?

As mentioned, Your spiritual needs are calculated by the movements of your name at birth. As a result, what you’ll be searching for are the vowels a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y.

Each vowel is given variety with which to calculate your urge number. The values for every vowel are as follows:

A = 1

E = 5

I = 9

O = 6

U = 3

Y = 7

After you’ve got found out the vowels in your name including your name, you add up the numerical values of every vowel.

The results of the addition are then reduced, except once you find yourself with master numbers which are 11 and 22. Master numbers aren’t reduced because they need their own meanings and significance in reference to soul urge numbers.

An example of the way to calculate your soul urge number is seen bellow. Let’s use the name Elizabeth Ross Scott. The vowels and their numerical values are:

E = 5

I = 9

A = 1

E = 5

O = 6

O = 6

Adding all of them up, you’ve got 5 + 9 + 1 + 5 + 6 + 6 = 32

Number 32 has got to be reduced to urge one value. this is often done by adding up the individual numbers 3 and 2 to urge 5.

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So for Elizabeth Ross Scott, her soul urge number is 5.

Additionally, you can have some fun and try out a numerology calculator for names to find out your soul urge number among other numerology numbers and meanings.

Definition of Soul Urge Numbers

There are 11 soul urge numbers; numbers 1 to 9 are soul urge while numbers 11 and 22 are master numbers. Each has its meanings and significance.

Heart’s Desire Number 1

Soul urge number 1 causes you to have a deep belief that you simply are of great value to the planet.

You seek to be the driver in life. You trust your instincts and are a pacesetter.

It is your desire to be heard and for others to follow you. People naturally address you for guidance because you’re so sure of yourself and radiate confidence.

You are committed and constant but dominating and intimidating naturally. You strive to possess an edge of authority because you’re a born leader and no other position suits you.

Even if you’re a lover, you regularly take leadership responsibilities because it’s in you.

Heart’s Desire Number 2

If yours is number two, you’ve got a deep desire to be needed and you seek admiration. you’re keen on attention then you connect with others.

You are a sensitive person and avoid troubles and disequilibrium within society. you’re employed towards ensuring that there’s peace and harmony, balance and cooperation wherever you’re.

You feel very uncomfortable and moody if you’re during a place where there are tension and conflict, so you are doing whatever it takes to always maintain peace. Since you usually need validation from others, you are doing not trust yourself but actively supported the opinions of others.

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You are intuitive and though not a pacesetter, you convince be a valuable member of a team.

Heart’s Desire Number 3

What you desire is to let people see your talent and magic.

You are a fun person and other people are interested in you because you abrade your happiness on them. you’re inspiring and witty and you’ve got a positive attitude towards situations.

This is one more reason why people are interested in you naturally.

You love performing and inside you, it might cause you to happy to be famous. You entertain the maximum amount as you’ll and it brings joy to you.

You will have people criticizing your every move. concentrate on constructive criticism and rise above the extent people have limited you to.

Heart’s Desire Number 4

What you desire most is to be stable and peaceful despite the disorder that exists in life.

You fear change but still do the items that employment best for you. this stuff poses no threat to destabilize you or disrupt the peace you are feeling inside.

You are intuitive and make systems that ensure security and organization. People feel safe when with you.

Your frown on trying out new things is often a hindrance to your growth because change brings growth. you’re loyal and honest and sometimes your blunt truths are often misunderstood.

Heart’s Desire Number 5

What you would like is to undertake new things.

You love the joys of an adventure, of the unknown. you’re keen on getting to new places, seeing new people and doing new things.

It is an honest thing but when it concerns your sexual love, it is often a drag. this is often because commitment might be a drag for you.

You have good energy and keenness which enthusiasm inspires those around you. you create friends easily but lose them as they are available.

You trust within the powers that are greater than man. You strive to stay strong albeit you’re weak inside and you show no vulnerability.

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