Style Denim

How to Style Denim in Summer

Denim in summer? You must be thinking that we’ve surely gone mad! After all, this season is marked by scorching hot days that require lightweight and loose-fit clothing to get through. However, we’re not talking about heavy, constricting skinny jeans here, or the trust denim jacket that you would much rather save for autumn.
But if you choose the right Parisian clothing denim pieces there’s no reason why you can’t rock this material in the summer months. Light washes and loose cuts can completely transform how well denim wears and breathes, proving you with a lightweight clothing choice.

Choose a Light Wash

One of the most important things to remember about styling denim for the hottest months is the colour, or wash of the material. Perfectly matched with a white tee for a timeless look that is effortlessly cool, a light blue denim jean can be your summer savour, especially on those cooler days where a skirt feels a bit risk. A light wash pair of jeans will also see you nicely into the evening, making the perfect choice for days where you’ll be out of the house and need something that can easily transition from day to night.

Pick a Distressed Finish

A distressed finish naturally gives denim a more relaxed look that’s perfect for nailing the chilled summer vibe. Distressed finishes also make the material more breathable, making it far easier to style your favourite pair of jeans even in the warmest of climates. Pair with your favourite white trainers or sandals, a tank top, and you are good to go!

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Go for High-Waisted

Skirts, shorts, or jeans, when it comes to denim, high-waisted is the only way to go. Because this style is timeless, you can wear it again and again in summer without it looking dates like the low-rise denim trend of the early 2000s. Choosing a higher waist also makes it far easier to style denim pieces with crop tops and other lightweight shirts for a flattering look. And don’t forget, when you are wearing high-waisted denim pieces, you should tuck in the front of your shirt or top – not only does this elongate your legs but it is right on trend so will score you some major style points.

What to Wear with Denim in Summer

When it comes to styling denim in summer, another important thing to keep in mind is what you are going to be wearing it with. For casual daytime looks, loose fit tees and vest tops are usually the go-to choice as they make for an effortlessly cool outfit. As for the evenings, a sheer blouse or shirt will pair well with jeans, a denim skirt, or even a pair of denim shorts.