Honor 20 Pro

Why only Honor 20 Pro?

Do you have any experience of using a smartphone with excellent features but within an affordable price range? I am pretty sure that most of you don’t have any idea but Huawei’s sub-brand Honor is quite impressive while providing such offers. A rich features smartphone but with a less price range as you can take the example of Honor 9X, Honor view 20 and Honor 20 Pro.

If we compare the features of these phones with any other brand phone from the same price range, you will be surprised to see that there is a hell of a difference. Even sometimes, you have to look closely to see the difference between Honor and Huawei proper devices, because the working and technological parts in both vary from each other.

The main objective of the Honor brand is that it is just working with a less profit margin but facilitating the users with the best technology and specs. For example, the Honor 20 Pro is an awesome smartphone, with a Kirin 980 and a quad-camera. This is the most popular and selling brand all over the world so far and the main reason of clash between Huawei and Google.

What stands out from the pack is its stunning design and camera technology, only these two create a huge difference between these ranges of phones. It is equipped with the latest holographic design, coming in different colors, and it’s simply beautiful. It really reminds us of the previous version of the Honor View 20, which also had a unique metallic look although it was with a ‘V’ shape.

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Key features of Honor 20 Pro

As I said before, this is an absolutely beautiful device that is rare to find out within this price range. The most impressive thing about the Honor brand is its quality-price ratio as one can get the best specs with less price, then why one would go for other brands. Coming towards the designing part of this model, I have to say that I love the things that Honor is doing in terms of design. If we say it’s really setting a standard for the whole industry, it wouldn’t be wrong. It started with gradient colors on this model and while other Honor devices have followed the same idea. If we compare the Honor devices with Huawei, this brand has its own unique style.

Design part

Look at the Honor 20 Pro, it is equipped with the best design which Honor is calling a holographic design. The top and bottom of the back are a sort of dark blue or dark purple, making an impressive shade and at first glance, you will be amazed at the combination. There’s a gradient toward a brighter purple in the middle which makes it more beautiful for customers having smartphone tastes.

But as you can see from the images, it’s not just a simple gradient but with a mixture shade. As you can see this model provides a unique look as the light hits the glass back in a certain way to create different designs. Also, you will get Bluetooth headphones which is a missing factor in many flagship models.

Camera technology

What do you expect in a smartphone? Most of the customers demand a triple-lens camera with the latest technology and this model presents its own unique way for surprising the camera lovers. The triple-lens camera module on the top-left corner is quite impressive providing a full-fledged image. When I say that, I mean it projects further out of the device that most of the camera users love. Have a deeper look, this model available with 48 MP main camera and a 16 MP Selfie camera. Both are amazing in their working providing the best pixels and results.

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The volume rocker and fingerprint sensor

There are few other things that are quite impressive in this unique model as we can see on the right side of the device, the best volume rocker. You can increase or decrease the volume of the device while listening to your best music. With an immediate look, just below the volume rocker, a fingerprint reader is available that is perfect as a power button. All of the features are manufactured without any issue and the model overall gives a perfect look.

The fingerprint reader works well, almost too well so that to make the user more secure. In most of the other phones, we can see that such functions are really bad like in Samsung, there have been times when I’d press it to put the phone to sleep and it would wake up again and that’s quite annoying.

What ‘Pro’ is used in this model as we can see that the ‘Pro’ name is questionable in relation to the ‘not-Pro’ Honor 20? There isn’t any big difference and they’re more-or-less the same handsets. There is no choice if you are looking for a phone which makes you lean towards the Honor 20 as compared to Honor 20 pro buy online.

What’s the major difference, let’s have a look at. The Pro’s tweaking of maximum aperture, zoom lens with best pixels and slightly more battery power. When we have a look at the overall function, the RAM doesn’t make enough difference to warrant the price bump for us. So you don’t need to worry about it. You can choose which suits you the best.

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Interestingly, even we have a big competition between two big markets China and the US, given the current controversy between the US and Honor’s parent company, Huawei, these two models Honor 20 and Honor 20Pro are available with full Google specs. We suspect these two handsets will be the final ones to arrive in the UK and Europe along with UAE markets.

This is not from a sale point of view and doesn’t take that as a bad thing though because Honor phones are always at their best while entertaining the users. Although it’s likely an excuse to grab a bargain, and we’d say the Honor 20 Pro is the one to get.

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