4 best and smart camping solar-powered tech gadgets


Halo is their ultimate power source on your outdoor camping trip it packs a high-density lithium polymer 20,000 mAh capacity battery which gives you more power than almost any portable battery, so that you can recharge all your devices without any worry. It has a built-in solar charging pad which provides limitless power supply anytime anywhere allowing you to recharge devices conveniently on any outdoor tree. This device has a wireless charging ability which means you can charge your devices wirelessly and removing hassle of tangled power cables. It’s equipped with LED lights which can provide up to 786 lumen and lasts up to 70 hours in a single charge providing brightness for your camping. You can also send SOS signal from this light in case of emergency with the help of three USB ports and wireless charging pad. You can charge for devices seamlessly at the same time. This power bank is ip 65 waterproof allowing it supply power in any harsh weather conditions anytime anywhere without any interruptions. If you’re looking for a powerful but portable power bank with many unique features to juice up your devices on a camping trip then this device is a must-have for you.


Hydrade which can surely recommend it as you’re drinking coach delivering a full set of smart features you can enjoy the durable design and dependability of this in a smartwatch anywhere anytime. Built on dishwasher safe stainless steel with double wall insulation. This water bottle keeps your drinks cold up to 22 hours and hot for 13 hours weighing only 24 ounces this pours great water bottle has capacity of 710 milliliters which is the highest of the quality. It has automatic self-charging system as the solar cells of the built-in solar panel continuously power up the bottle anytime. There is illumination for 20 days of usage on a single charge. This water bottle as optimal hydration requirements according to a person’s age height weight gender geography weather and daily activities. It uses a sensor combo to precisely quantify in take by understanding your consumption behaviors. You can sing this water bottle with your smartphone’s health apps and fitness trackers like Fitbit Apple watch and others for more accurate drinking recommendations. Hydrade accurately calculates intake to optimal levels with alerts to drink if you fall behind they’ll recommend hydration amount along with hydration locks. Since Hydrade is a solar-powered water bottle you won’t have to worry about charging it and take it with you in any camping trip. One amazing fact about this water bottle is it donates clean water to charity on your behalf with its zip you take. If you want to maintain your hydration level every day and keep healthy always while camping outdoor or living of the grid and this water bottle can be a nice choice for you.

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MATRIX PowerWatch 2

This is actually powered by you using all your body heat to charge it featuring aircraft-grade aluminium casing and thermoelectric power. This watch turns their body temperature into electricity and keeps the watch charged all the time so no charging is required. This watch has a full-color display with a sapphire glass face that can track your gestures and show you the activities that are related to your body with the integrated sensors. The powerwatch can calculate your heart rate burned calories and also has the ability to track your sleeping patterns. This watch has a built-in GPS navigation system you can keep track of wherever you are heading to and have less chances of getting loss compatible with android and iOS. This watch can show you the results of your activities on your smartphones as well although it has the ability to be self-charged using the head of your body. It also has solar power ability to be automatically charged as well and you’ll be satisfied with it in any camping trip. It has a water-resistant up to 200 meters so you’re allowed to swim while wearing it or take it in heavy rainy days. If you are an athlete or an expedition enthusiast who wants to live off the grid then the powerwatch is their perfect one’s for you.

SolarBox Lumine

The ultimate outdoor speaker to keep the party going on wherever you are unless other portable speakers. The Lumine lasts longer with a stunning 20 plus hours of playback time and in as little as ten minutes of direct sunlight. You can enjoy 30 minutes of audio playback time this solar-powered speaker functions as a handheld flashlight and a mobile power bank so it can be called a three in one speaker as well. The built-in LED light of the speaker is capable of getting extremely bright and with help shine the way wherever you go with Bluetooth and dual inputs. You can connect your devices however you choose while hearing your music like never before and watching movies on Movie Hustle using the power of the sun. You cannot just only charge of the Lumine but any other devices you have using its built-in power bank. It has a battery capacity of 5000 milliamps per hour and charging the Lumine is very easy just simply place it in direct sunlight and the internal battery will be charged safely and automatically with ipx7 waterproof shockproof and dustproof construction solar box. Lumine is ready to handle the bumps and bruises of your adventure designed for an active person in mind the solar box will mean is as versatile as. You are ready for any occasion uses anytime anywhere rain or shine. If you like to have a portable speaker which can provide you music along with flashlights and charging capability while any camping trip for living off the grid then the solar box Lumine is the best choice for you.

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