A Quick Guide to Designing That Perfect About Us Page

If you want your website to be noticed, one of the keys to achieving that is creating the perfect About Us page. Your About Us page is important because it is the first glimpse a visitor gets of you as a brand, from the perspective you want to present. Here’s a quick guide to creating a great About Us page-

Make it attractive

The way your About Us page looks is very important and can decide whether your visitor stays on your website or leaves, unimpressed. Pick a theme that is relevant to your brand and to the website overall and stick to it. Keep the interface clean, but bright. Put in enough information and pictures as well as graphics to utilize space but see to it that the page is not cluttered.

Cover the 5Ws

The purpose of your About Us page is essentially to communicate to your target audience regarding your brand, your products or services, and the story behind it all. You can do so effectively by answering the questions What, When, Why, Where and Who, supplemented by How. Explain your brand’s origin story, who the founders were, who the current team members are, your aim behind creating this brand, etc.

Be authentic to your brand

Finally, remember to stay true to your brand and what it represents. The website visitor wants to know about your brand, what motivates you every day, what you hope to achieve, so tell them your story. Show your visitors what makes you unique.

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Keep in mind that the About Us page is your chance to present your brand to customers as you want them to see it. Remember this brief guide and let it lead you to success!

4 Significant Qualities of a Good Web Designer

When it comes to promoting your business and its products and services, there is nothing more important than creating an attractive and engaging website that people can easily navigate. And in order to do so, what you and your business need is the right web designer who can turn every investment in your website into a profitable decision. Let’s take a closer look at the qualities an ideal web designer must possess, here-


Experience is crucial for excellence. And for good web designers, a good amount of industry experience is a must. When hiring a web designer make sure he or she possesses enough experience in your type of website industry; so that, the web designer can offer you all designing services you may need in building an effective website.


Knowledge is another major must-have quality in a good web designer. Without in-depth knowledge about the designing principles, latest website designing trends, techniques, and updates, creating successful websites is impossible. Hence, make it a point to hire a knowledgeable web designer who knows the market strategies and the ever-changing expectations well.


With great communication skills, explaining even the most complex situation become easy. So, make sure the web designer you choose is a great communicator; so that the website designing terminologies, jargons, and technical terms can never be a barrier between what he designs and what you expect.

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Your newly created website may need SEO guidance or content creation or even social media campaigns to fulfil its purpose. Therefore, choosing a web designing company which can take care of various website requirements along with designing can save you from looking for reliable additional service providers. To get going, visit the site webdesign.

From sharing your business ideas to building brand credibility, a perfectly designed website helps in turning visitors into customers. Hence, be wise when choosing a web designer; so that your website never fails to appeal to potential customers.

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