Can you get relief from asthma by using homeopathy?

Asthma is a serious medical issue where patients suffer from severe breathing problems. In this health disorder, lungs get inflamed and narrow. This makes it difficult for the patient to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

Chronic asthma patients suffer a lot mainly due to:

  1. Coughing
  2. Chest congestion
  3. Breathing problem
  4. Wheezing

The short-term effects of this medical issue is an asthma attack, and the long-term effect is obesity and depression. In an era where pollution is a major concern in this world, asthma patients find it difficult to survive.

In allopathy treatment, patients are given inhalers to combat asthma attacks. But several people opt for homeopathy treatment since it uses natural products for asthma treatment.

Several studies reveal that homeopathy is quite effective when it comes to asthma treatment. In a study conducted in 2018 on 140 people, it was observed that homeopathy treatment is more effective in treating asthma than allopathy. If you have any doubt, then you can consult homeopathic doctors in Kolkata. They can give you detailed information on this and also suggest medicines for asthma treatment.

As per the homeopathic doctors in Kolkata, various types of medicines can be used to treat asthma symptoms. These medicines usually consist of various natural ingredients like minerals, flowers, and herbs. Some of the most common medicines that can be used for asthma treatment are mentioned below:

1. Calcarea carb: This is a very common medicine given to asthma patients who are obese and avoid doing physical activities. Some patients sweat profusely even after the slightest physical exhaustion. They sweat from head to toe, which is not good. Again, some patients want to open-air but can’t tolerate it. Honestly speaking, they can neither tolerate heat nor open air. Calcarea Carb is usually given to these patients.

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2. Medorrhinum: This medicine is usually prescribed by homeopathic doctors to children suffering from asthma. This medicine is very effective for children suffering from both asthma and eczema.

3. Bacillinum: This is known for providing a constitutional remedy for asthma. If your dad is extremely sensitive to cold and suffers from cough frequently, then doctors may prescribe this medicine to him. Doctors often ask patients to take this medicine when asthma condition aggravates during the night.

4. Aconite: Winter is brutal for asthma patients. There is no doubt about it. It leads to bronchitis, cough, and wheezing. Aconite is good for controlling chronic asthmatic attacks triggered due to seasonal changes. Aconite is good when you want to get relief from chest congestion, cough, and wheezing sound.

5. Natrum sulphuricum: This medicine can be given to both children and adults. This homeopathic medicine is extremely effective when asthma is hereditary. Sometimes, doctors prescribe this medicine when asthma is aggravated due to adverse weather conditions like humidity and dampness.

6. Sambucus nigra: This medicine is given to children suffering from nose blockage and suffocation. This medicine is particularly used for the treatment of industrial asthmatic disorder.

7. Ipecacuanha: This medicine is prescribed to people who have asthma along with vomiting tendencies. This medicine is made from the dried root of a creeping shrub, usually found in Brazil.

8. Blatta orientalis: This medicine is usually given in mother tincture form to combat chronic asthma symptoms. The medicine is given in lower potency to stop the wheezing sound and reduce the chest tightness. In the case of an acute attack, patients can take this medicine several times a day to reduce the symptoms of breathlessness and chest tightness.

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9. Ars iod: This medicine is given to patients suffering from allergic asthma, which is usually triggered by dust, pet dander, pollens, etc. The symptoms of allergic asthma are a runny nose, watery discharge from nose and eyes, burning of the nose, etc.

A word of caution

Please don’t take the aforementioned medicines without consulting good homeopathic doctors. If you live in West Bengal and suffer from asthma, then consult homeopathic doctors in Kolkata as soon as possible. Doctors can suggest you the right combination of medicines. Plus, they can recommend the right dosage.

You have to take the right dosage of homeopathic medicines at the right time. Otherwise, the treatment won’t be effective and you would not get any relief.

To sum up

Homeopathy believes in the natural treatment of various types of health disorders. Some studies and research have claimed that homeopathy can help to bring down the intensity and frequency of asthma attacks. But no one has reached a firm conclusion.

Some doctors believe that homeopathy medicines can work like a miracle for asthma patients. The medicines can cure the disease permanently since they improve the immune system of the patient that becomes overactive due to asthma.

But do keep one thing in mind. Don’t continue traditional treatment along with homeopathy treatment as you may get no fruitful results at all. Consult a doctor first and then make the decision.

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