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Every Thing About Fish Tank Filters

Fish Tank Filters are critical apparatus for both marine and freshwater aquariums. Fish Tank Filters are necessary to support life as aquariums are small, closed volumes of water compared to the natural environment of most fish.

When fish are kept in tanks they produce waste from respiration and excrement. Another source of waste that is present in the tank is uneaten foods or plants and dead bodies of the fishes. These waste products get collected in the tank and contaminate the water. When the rate of contamination increases then the removal of the contamination becomes critical. The most common method used to maintain a healthy aquarium is filtration.

Selecting the appropriate filter for your aquarium is very important as not just any aquarium filter will do. There are at least 150 different fish tank filters present in the market and all these filters are offered by the most trusted and top selling brands. However when considering all these filters one has to check out the fish tank filter that most suits your tank. There are two main types of fish tank filters; external and internal. Both these types of filters can be used in either fresh water or salt water aquariums. The various types of external filters that are present on the market are:-

Power Filters- This is the most common choice in most cases, particularly for tanks under 55 gallons. It is very easy to set up, easy to maintain and most importantly not expensive.

Bio Wheel Filters: – This is another type of filter which is very common on the market. It offers a complete 3 stage filtration system in one sturdy, easily installed and maintained filter. It is the best choice for freshwater and marine tanks up to 75 gallons.

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Canister Filters: – These type of filters are used in freshwater or saltwater aquariums and are recommended for larger tanks i.e. 30-50 gallons upwards.

Internal Filters: – These filters are fully submersible filters that work inside one aquarium. It is useful for small aquariums with bio loads as it does not tend to have large media chambers. In the case of larger tanks they are useful as supplements to an external canister filter. It is also a great choice for the low water habitats like turtle tanks.

External filters are the best choice for any fish tank, if you can afford it. As all the filtering is done outside the tank, it keeps the filtered water separate from the unfiltered water until it is returned to the tank. A couple of long hoses connect the filter to the tank; one supplies the filter and the other returns the filtered water to the tank. This type of filter is the most effective but also the most expensive.

One can purchase any these types of filters at the local fish shop, but one may face harder time to find out the more expensive external type at a general pet store. The external fish tank will cost more up front but in the long run one will save on maintenance costs and fish costs as one will be providing the best habitat that they will live long and healthy lives.Different types of fish tank filters

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