Sprinter Van

Get your Wonderland on Wheels!

A self-built sprinter van can offer more freedom and comfort than a factory unit. While converting a regular Mercedes Sprinter Van into a camper, specific points are to be kept in mind. They are as follows –

Choosing the Correct Van

A lot of companies manufacture and introduce vans in the market on a regular basis; they can either be for domestic or commercial purposes. However, Mercedes Sprinter van is the preferred choice for sprinter conversion, as it allows you to use your creativity to the fullest. 

Planning Your Layout

The van layout depends on multiple factors such as the number of people living in the van, required storage space, whether or not you want a workspace, etc. However, two tips are handy:

● The living quarters can be separated from the driving cab so give it a more homely look. 

● The weight distribution on all sides should be kept in such a way that the van can retain balance. 

Lighting Options 

LED lights are the best to use in a camper. The reasons are as given – 

● They are available in a lot of colours, so you need not stick to the basic whites. 

● They last for a long time, so you won’t have to worry about changing them. 

● They don’t give off heat so the temperature will remain bearable throughout. 

● They’re cheap so they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Solar Electricity 

Building your solar system can be pretty complicated, but it’s the cheapest option. Every DIY solar setup has a few main components:

● Solar panels 

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● Batteries

● Battery monitors

● Inverter

● Wiring and fuses


The refrigeration set up in your van is an area where you might have to shell out some serious money as the best options are the most expensive. Now at this point, many people choose not to get any refrigeration installed. However, you might want to reconsider this thought as getting a refrigerator in a campervan is as necessary as getting one in the house. No refrigeration means you’ll be able to cook only a limited variety. And as you’re likely to spend some quality time away from home, on the road, it should be made sure that cooling problems are kept at bay. Moreover, you’ll have access to all required items like fruits, vegetables, ice and other ingredients at any given time. 

Do follow those tips for a smooth Mercedes sprinter conversion. Happy camping!

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