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How Does An eCommerce Platform Help You Grow Your Business?

First of all let us discuss the top Ecommerce site

  • Opencart and Magento Commerce: Both the e-commerce websites offer multiple features such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Returns management, and SEO management. Opencart offers some additional features like data security, email marketing, kitting, templates, etc. which Magento commerce fails to offer. Both the e-commerce sites don’t offer mobile access which is a major disadvantage in today’s world. Also, read Opencart Vs Magento.
  • Shopify: Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can create your online store in no time, without any knowledge of programming and concerns about back-end by customizing the predefined templates. It is extremely challenging to sell some products without an easy-to-use e-commerce website. Shopify is packed with loads of features and powerful analytics.
  • Bigcommerce: Bigcommerce like Shopify enables entrepreneurs to create and begin their online business. It promises to support your business by providing flexible management and efficiently optimized search engines. The platform also offers automated order processing, tax rules are flexible, and products can be shipped to multiple destinations. It is as such not stringent and accepts multiple currencies. Some of the brands like Kodak and Toyota have used Bigcommerce to market their products. 

An eCommerce is a software tool that helps you get your online store up and running. The software solution tends to be comprehensive, covering all aspects such as designing your store, uploading a picture catalog, and handling store functionality. 

It powers your end-to-end eCommerce enterprise, whether it’s acquiring customers and logistics, sales, managing customer databases, or accounting. 

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There are multiple benefits of an eCommerce platform that exhibits the growth of your business. 

1. Easy to Setup and Scale your eCommerce business: 

During the early days of your business, you might be selling only certain units of your product through your website. However, as your business grows, the demand would also scale up. The number of website visitors would increase, the amount of time they spend on your website would be more, you may wish to upload more images, the number of products being displayed on your website may go up etc. It would be convenient to accommodate these changes if you have an eCommerce platform as scaling it up may neither require significant technical support nor substantial time.

2. Secure: The security of any application, website, or product is the most salient feature. It is very necessary for any e-commerce business to take care of fraud management and to prevent fraudulent activities.

Businesses dealing with such personal and sensitive information of the customers need to be extra cautious.

For example, Magento Commerce is a very popular platform that is regularly updated. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance provides a secure transaction for card payments and SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts the link between the web server and the browser.

3. Analytical tools to know your customers better: Business analytics tools are a type of application software that retrieves data from business systems and combines it in a repository to be reviewed and analyzed. 

Many eCommerce platforms like Shopify provide analytics where you can learn about your store’s sales, customers, and much more provided in the overview dashboards.

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There are multiple reports which have details regarding financial, acquisition, behavior, marketing, sales, profit, and customer reports which can eventually play a major role in scaling up your business.

4. SEO-Friendly: Some of the most pre-eminent eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, CoreCommerce, and many more are incredibly SEO friendly. These have standard softwarethat has multiple inbuilt features. The back-end or the server-end is so well coded that most part of the SEO is taken care of. These platforms also provide in-depth analytics, quality content, and are incredibly image optimized, so you can focus on your eCommerce business. There are many SEO tools that will help  you to make the site SEO friendly 


Implementing a conventional and popular strategy might lead to poor results and can demotivate you, therefore it’s advised to use strategies that are effective to your audience and consumers. Customers love an amazing UX, build transparency by disclosing shipping and additional costs before checkout. Don’t forget to market yourself on social media, get active on social media, create a blog, or vlog with valuable content and product updates. 

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