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How does BlaBlaCar clone apps work? Have a look at its workflow and features

People extensively use taxi-hailing apps for their daily and long-distance travel. Nowadays, most of the popular taxi-hailing apps provide ride-sharing features to aid an economical means of traveling. According to Statista, 45 million vehicles are projected to be in the global carpooling program by 2025. There are several benefits of using carpooling apps, such as saving money, reducing the time consumed, and lesser traffic in roads. The number of vehicles on the road will decrease significantly if more people start using carpooling. Many cabs providing agencies are shifting towards the taxi-sharing app business. So this article will be useful for them and aspiring entrepreneurs as it provides the workflow and features offered by the best BlaBlaCar clone app.

Popular carpooling / ride-sharing apps:

  • BlaBlaCar: The ride-sharing platform currently has 70 million users, and it is available in 22 countries. BlaBlaCar generates revenue through transaction fees, which is 10-12% of the total cost of a ride. As of 2018, it has a revenue of $85 million.
  • Uber: Since its launch, it is one of the extensively used taxi booking apps. It is currently operating in over 600 cities and is spread across more than 65 countries. Uber for both individual cabs as well as shared cabs. It is one of the trusted apps among users mainly due to its security features like the SOS emergency button, thorough background check on drivers, emergency procedures like CPR trained drivers, and many more. 
  • Lyft: It is an American ride-sharing app based in San Francisco, California. Lyft currently operates in 644 cities in the US and 12 cities in Canada. It has a variety of ride services, from regular rides to luxury rides. Ride-sharing services are currently available in few cities as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Grab: It is a multinational taxi-hailing company based in Singapore. Grab taxi app is said to have around 1.2 million downloads as of 2014. The company only takes a commission from the booking fees, although certain ride-sharing app takes a nominal fee from both drivers and passengers. It currently operates in South Asian countries – Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. 
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The workflow of BlaBlaCar app:

  • If someone is riding with empty seats from one location to another and are willing to share their seats, they can share it on the BlaBlaCar app page by providing necessary details like from and to along with the fare for each passenger.
  • After verifying the details, the admin approves the post to display on the platform, along with the cost after adding their commission to the ride’s fare.
  • Now co-passengers can book their ride with you. At the moment of booking, the rider will get the co-passengers phone number and other necessary details.  
  • Users can also add their photos to their profiles for better identification. 

The factor concerning the success of the BlaBlaCar app is the convenience it provides in the act as a bridge between service providers and co-passengers.

Carpooling services are cheaper compared to private cab rides.

Distinguishing features of BlaBlaCar app:

Distinguishing features of BlaBlaCar app

Features of admin panel

  • Extensive Dashboard: Admins can manage the site aspects like content, post advertisements, provide offers and discounts. Besides, admins can view the details of members and their ratings.
  • Commission panel: It is a nominal fee acquired at the end of each ride. The revenue earned is listed here. Admins can generate reports on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Icons modification and other crucial aspects: Admin can add new features, modify the existing ones, make changes to the policy, etc.

Features of users panel

  • Verified Profile: The profile of every driver is verified for safety and security concerns.
  • Booking History: Users can view the list of previous rides. Each ride has details like the pickup, drop location, and ride provider name.
  • Edit profile: Users can change the details of them whenever they want.
  • Safety aspect: During emergencies, passengers can use the built-in SOS button, share the ride details with family or friends.
  • Schedule rides: Users can easily plan their trips ahead of time using a schedule ride option. Once when the date, pickup, and drop location are entered, all the rides that match the criteria will be listed. Users can book the ride as per their preferences.
  • Book for others: Using these features, the users can arrange a ride for friends and family.
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Wrapping up

Taxi-sharing services act as an interface between users and ride providers. There are several aspects to be considered while developing a ride-booking app, such as features, technology, revenue sources, development cost, etc. The best BlaBlaCar clone app can only be built after thorough research. App development companies have a full-fledge development team who are having expertise in building the best BlaBlaCar app clone. Establish your place in the competitive market with the ride-sharing clone app developed by such an expert team.

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