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How to Choose Best Glowing Ceiling Lights for Your Bedroom

In the modern era, the home decorations are getting in trends with so many people around the world adopting in their homes. The home décor helps in providing the aesthetic environment and elegant look to your home. And when it comes to the bedroom, every possible decoration is done to make it peaceful, attractive and welcoming. Of course, the bedroom is the only place where you spend dark nights, so why not to glow it with glowing ceiling lights?

However, out of so many options choosing the best glowing ceiling light for your bedroom could be difficult. From suspended ceiling Led light fitting to beautiful chandeliers, there are vast options to adopt. But slight mistakes can ruin your whole bedroom look. Therefore, this blog comes up with a step by step guide to choosing the best glowing ceiling lights.

Step 1-Consider Room’s Function

When choosing the best glowing ceiling lights, you first need to know the function of your bedroom. Yes, the bedroom is for sleeping, but still, it’s necessary to determine, either it’s a guest bedroom, children’s, or will be used by your own self. There are mainly three main categories of lighting. Ambient, accent and task. But not all three will be used in one room. For the bedroom, task lights are essential that could help you to glow your room. And what about ceiling lights?

Yes, glowing ceiling light matters, but to obtain, you must need to determine your ceiling height and width. If you are having, a plain ceiling, then you need to adopt a suspended ceiling to get the best lighting experience.

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Step 2-Layering Lights in Your Bedroom

Layering lights in your bedroom doesn’t mean to make your bedroom full of light bulbs. But to point the areas where you want to place light. When using suspended ceiling panels, consider the lights right above the bed so that it could give the best experience.

Remember to balance between the ambient, task and accent light features so that it couldn’t create a mess in future.

Step 3-Choose the Right Bulbs

There are various types of bulbs in the market, and to select the right one you need to know the configurations of main bulbs. The following are the top three bulbs that can be used in the bedroom

  • Incandescent: These bulbs are the traditional ones that are used from decades and produce warm glowing light. But they aren’t energy efficient.
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulb: These bulbs use almost 75% less energy and last longer than incandescent. You can find them in range of brightness level and temperature, however, contains mercury and requires to dispose of them properly.
  • LEDs: This the modern bulb use widely in home decorations. They are energy efficient and can last up to fifty thousand hours. For task lighting to ceiling, these are the best to adopt as they usually provide direct lights and more brightness.

Step 4-Choosing The Right Lights Décor

Now, when you had selected the right light bulbs, and install the suspended ceiling, the only thing is left is to choose the right light décor. For glowing ceiling lights, you can consider various options. Some of the top choices are

  • Pendants: the pendants would be placed at the centre of your ceiling and will give a brighter image. They are usually, hang over the centre of the ceiling and make the room more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Ceiling Fan: The light ceiling fan is multipurpose as it provides a focused light right at the centre.
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