How to Recover Yahoo Password Without Recovery Email

The process to recover yahoo password without recovery Email:-

There are pretty simple steps to recover your lost or forgotten password. You have to go through certain steps to achieve your goal. But now there is only two method to recover yahoo password by allowing their personal phone and email verification due to security reason. So, there are following step by step instructions are given below without using recovery email:-

Step 1-The first step to recover yahoo password you have to visit the yahoo homepage type https://www.yahoo.com.

Steps 2-Next you have to enter your username and click the next button to start the sign-in page.

Step 3-Once you sign on the page now you will get the option of ‘I forgot my Password “click on the option and you will be taken the first stage of the verification process of resetting your forgotten password.

Step 4- On this current page, you are asked to choose how you would like to verify your account. In that case, if you do not have access to email for recovery, then you click on the button “I don’t have the access to this email “. Now you will be going to the page where you can select how you would like to verify your account using another method to recover yahoo account.

Step 5-Once you click on the option that you do not have the access of email to recover then you will select and click another option to verify your account that is recovery phone number which is registered at the time of creating a yahoo account.

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Step 6-Now you can continue with entering your registered phone number and after that, you will get the verification code use this code to verify your account and complete the process of outlook account recovery.

Step 7-After verifying the account through the phone number you will get a notification of successful completion of password recovery now you can use your account easily.

These above steps are pretty simple to recover yahoo account without recovery email for the users because there are only two methods to yahoo account recovery one is through email recovery and the second is through phone number, so following the above steps are very helpful for the users who do not have email access to recover their account.

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