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Should Kids Get Trophies On Sports Just For Participation?

Should kids receive trophies on sports just for participating in the activity…? It has always been a topic of discussion among the parents. Though most parents as well as agree to give trophy even for participating in sports. Do you know what logic do they count behind it? Here, the prominent ones have been mentioned below –

  • To Motivate Them Just To Participate In The Game/Activity   

Yes!!! They should get trophies so that they could learn how it is also essential to get motivated even if they do not win. These sports trophies always teach them that this is not necessary to always win. They get to know that even participating is also necessary. They will start thinking beyond just winning and losing. They will get to know that learning is something quite important.

And without it, you cannot go anywhere. Once they get to learn how important it is to only go and participate, it leads towards healthy competition. Giving trophies for participation means you are somewhere conveying the message that “Hey, we glad that you took part in this activity…we are happy to have you here…” These sports trophies also make them learn that they did not lose but get to learn something new. Trophies somewhere boost their confidence that it also needs the courage to participate only. To put in simple words, it can be said that it is a great initiative to take.

  • To Have A Proof

How bad does it feel when you want to want to show that you did but you have no proof? Have you ever thought that how a kid can feel negative for not receiving any award or trophies praising the efforts he put? Trophies actually do justice towards the attempts they put to remain in the competition. 

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Trophies play a major role to motivate the kids in the right manner. Now, they know that they would have a sign that did participate in said event or activity. They would not feel negative even if other kids brag about their win since they would be happy to have a trophy appreciating the efforts.

  • To Reduce The Hassle Of Parents 

We all know how tough is parenting. It is not easy at all since parents have to tell thousands of lie to do not let their kids go mad about the things happening surrounding. Little kids are quite tricky to handle. If they do participate, they always want a trophy otherwise chances are high that they may go mad. If they do receive a trophy, they will always say yes to play the sport. Saying would not wrong that sport would go more popular among other kids too. Giving a trophy for participating in the event can really bring a sweet smile on their faces. Moreover, parents would not have to face that much trouble at all. 

  • To Encourage Them To Do Better 

Trophies play a major role to enhance kids’ self-esteem. Kids feel quite bad if they do not get a trophy while if their friend got. It leads to negativity, stress, and jealousy. It can also lead the kids to the wrong side.

Receiving trophy upon participating makes them have a good experience. This way also shows that something has been achieved is teamwork. It means kids will participate as well as get to learn amazing things.  This way will also help them to keep doing great at the forefront. 

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Why Some People Do Not Agree To Give Participation Trophy 

Some people do not agree to give a participation trophy and the reason is that it will diminish the value of true winner. Is it true? Here, we need to understand how we can maintain the balance between all this.

What it could be done the Tagline written over the trophy must be changed. The winner trophy should be different from the participation trophy. It means the given trophy must be categorized. Everyone who takes participate deserves a participation trophy. But the winner should be rewarded with a unique trophy having an impressive tagline. This way will help to keep a healthy competition. However, declining the entire concept of participating trophy is no ideal. Giving participation trophy can truly lift up the confidence of the participants. It will encourage the kids to bridge the gap between just being a participant to the winner of the show.

We all know how competition among kids is increasing day-by-day. Giving participation trophy will truly help to keep the kids stay positive and dedicated towards the game. They will get to know that it is just a participation trophy and they do need more than this. They can only get more success on the basis of success. The participation trophy should come up with an interesting tagline conveying a valuable message to the recipient. It should come up with the positive quotations so that kids keep reading them and learning from it.

Participation trophy could be treated just as a welcome sign to the kids who seem interested to get into their desired sport. The concept of participation trophy is not wrong since it should be carried to kids coming under a certain age. Once kids cross that particular age limit where they were not able to understand then the participation trophy should be removed from the competition. After that, there should not be any participation trophy but winning trophy as per the position only. 

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If you are going to take the popularity of your school, college, office, etc., to the next level, organizing events is counted as an ideal option to enhance the popularity. To entertain the kids along with the adults giving them trophy on participating in the event.


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