Millionaire Forex Traders: Know the secret of a group of Super Traders

Here we see a group of super traders and how they made hundreds of millions of dollars, and if you learn how they did, you can use the information yourself and take the path to success in Forex trading …

The group of merchants, as we shall see, participated in an experiment organized by commercial legend Richard Dennis. Dennis wanted to show that anyone could win in trading with the right education, so he gathered a group of people who had never exchanged before and decided to teach them how to trade in two weeks.

After two weeks of training, he gave them business accounts and money and watched them trade and reward their trust in them, earning hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is important to emphasize that the group were just normal people; In the group there was a security guard and an accountant, for example normal people with a regular job. Now these people were successful and learned fast, but we all know that 95% of forex funding for traders can’t win, so how is it that the group Dennis taught did so well?

Dennis taught merchants a simple method, and that was the long-term trend that followed nature, based on commercial breaks and had strict money management parameters and was very easy to learn. Dennis knew that learning the system was the easy part of the experiment, that getting his students to exchange the system of discipline was the biggest challenge they would face.

In most cases, operators do not lose because they cannot learn a system, they lose because they cannot apply the system of discipline, and if they cannot do so, they do not have a system.

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Taking losses and keeping them small is bad for the ego and also creates self-confidence, and when losses occur, most traders start to get angry and let them run, and this leads to elimination. These operators simply refuse to accept a loss, and this is one of the most common reasons for operators to lose.

All operators said it was no problem learning the system, but negotiating it through lost periods complied with the plan and was rewarded. In fact, they had many more losses than profits, but that didn’t stop them from making a lot of money.

The real secret that you can learn from this group of millionaire traders is to be aware of their mentality and be sure to act with discipline. Learning a method is easy, getting the right mindset is more difficult, but you can do it if you want and if you get the right mindset, success with Forex trading can be yours.

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