Physical Education

The Importance of Physical Education in The Education System

Physical education as an important part of overall education. Swami Vivekananda had stressed on the importance of being physically activity for students as he believed that it was much more useful for them than merely sitting in classrooms and studying. The need for physical education is even greater nowadays as children do not have the space or the habit outside of school to indulge in physical activities. Helping students and parents to realise how they can benefit from physical education is the need of the hour.

Here are 5 reasons physical education is important for the overall development of children:

  1. Physical health: The new age of technology has brought about the problems of obesity to a lot of children in schools. Children have developed the habit of sitting in front of a television or a gaming console for long leading to poor physical health. Having physical education as part of the curriculum in schools helps the children to not only devote some time to their heaths but also appreciate the joys of physical activity. Regular exercise through physical education helps children to develop stamina and strength. It also helps build their immunity making them better prepared for life.
  2. Mental health: In recent times, mental health is a big concern when it comes to adults and children alike. Although most schools provide counselling to their students that helps them regularly, physical education also helps to strengthen the mental faculties of the students. A lot of activities that are a part of the physical education curriculum helps students become sharper through better hand-eye coordination, strategizing and focusing on getting goals. Indulging in physical activities also keeps the mind refreshed and is a great stress buster.
  3. Value addition: Apart from its positive effects on the body, both physical and mental, physical education teaches many lessons and values that are essential in life. Through physical education, you learn the importance of communicating with people and listening to others. You learn your strengths and weaknesses and also how to use it to your advantage. Values like discipline, punctuality and understanding and following rules can be ingrained in students through physical education.
  4. Encourages varied interests: In a space like school where most often the focus is on studies, physical education provides the opportunity to foray into different fields. It allows for students to understand where their interests lie and follow them if they wish. Many students discover and develop their interest in different sports once they are introduced to them in their schools. Adding physical education helps students who might not be academically inclined to find a field where they can excel and shine.
  5. Inculcates sportsmanship: Playing a sport helps build character and having physical education in schools helps students to learn the qualities that athletes exhibit. These qualities include respect for everyone around you, be it your own team or the opposing team, playing fair, having team spirit, giving your best, winning with dignity, and accepting defeat with grace.
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