This is what it will cost to repair the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

If after yesterday’s presentation, you are thinking of buying any of the new models announced by Apple, you should take into account some previous considerations . One of them is what it would cost you to repair the iPhone XR, the iPhone Xs and, especially, the iPhone Xs Max in case of some “mishap.”

Because as much as Apple insists on the resistance of the screens and the glass on the back of their phones, there is no doubt that they are not unbreakable . So, whether you decide to buy one of the new models, or if you already have a previous generation, take note of the repair prices currently offered by Apple in our country.

In case of breakage, prepare your pocket

In the same way that it has updated its available catalog (eliminating some models, adjusting the prices of others and introducing the novelties), Apple has also not taken long to update its repair price rate .

The figures, as expected, are quite high, but in the case of the iPhone XS Max repair is a disbursement that many consider abusive (considering that the price of this model starts 1,259 euros): screen repair amounts to 361.10 euros and whose ‘other damage’ arrangement costs a whopping 641.10 euros. In addition, the previous models only reduce their rate of 10 years last year (the iPhone X screen, for example, goes from 321,10 euros to 311.10).

In the case of the iPhone Xs Max, the screen repair amounts to 361.10 euros and the ‘other damage’ arrangement costs 641.10 euros
It must be taken into account, however, that the prices shown below correspond to the repairs of the iPhone made by Apple , so they may be different in other service providers.


Nor should we forget that the damage caused to the phone could be covered by the warranty, the consumer defense law or AppleCare Protection Plan. But if it is not the case, and you decide to go to the official service, these are the prices that you are going to find (we have not forgotten the iPhone XR , is that Apple has not yet included it in the rate):

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Apple clarifies, yes, that all prices include VAT and a shipping fee of 12.10 euros that only charge if you send the iPhone . And that in case of having to replace the iPhone, the replacement will be for a new one or equivalent to a new one, but here it adds: “If the iPhone problem is caused by serious damage caused by an accident or misuse, the service could not be available. “

Once you have seen the price table, the conclusion is clear: whatever your iPhone model , you better put a good case or case and a screen protector in condition .

What if I have to change the battery?

After the controversy caused by the problems caused by certain updates in the management of old batteries and the drop in performance of old phones, Apple launched a more economical than usual battery replacement program that ends on December 31 of 2018.

Thus, until this deadline, the out of warranty battery service has a cost of 29 euros for all models of iPhone 6 or later. Then, the rate will become 49 euros for all these devices, except for the iPhone X, which will rise to 69 euros.

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