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Why is Black Friday so-called?

Black Friday is a monster promotion day in the United States. She is gaining ground in France. But where does this name come from?

Black Friday, or “Black Friday” in Australia, is a huge commercial operation that comes from the United States, where it takes place every year, at the end of November, the Friday following the Thanksgiving party.

These are sales, with discounts of up to -85%, less than a month of Christmas! Launched in the 1970s, these monster promotions have become, so to speak, a national American tradition. They trigger riots, sometimes on the verge of riot, in stores across the Atlantic.

Last year, Black Friday went down in history as the first day to generate $ 3 billion in online sales in the US. According to a report commissioned from the Center for Retail Research (CRC) for the site Poulpeo, the French should spend during this weekend, 845 million euros online (+ 15% compared to 2016), and 4.5 billion euros in stores (+ 4%).

Why is it a black day?

The versions diverge. Some evoke the crowd and the crowd: the aisles of the shops are black of people. Another rather similar explanation: the monster traffic jams that occur systematically in the morning, when customers rush into the shops, but also in the evening, when they come back. Visit here to buy quality products on Black Friday.

For others, the explanation is to look for the American traders. It was thanks to this day of the promotion that they managed to pass their account from the negative (written in red ink in the books of accounts), to the positive (black ink).

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Hence this expression of “black day”, where this color takes on a positive connotation. Nothing to do with a stock market crash or any curse (except perhaps for the wallet of consumers caught by a buying fever).

As soon as the operation finished, place at “Cyber ​​Monday”, as of Monday. It’s a bit like Black Friday, but for online stores.

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