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Easiest Payment Gateway Integration – Accept online payment faster with PayKun

There were times when technology was complex and time-consuming. But now, gone are the days of heavy and costly coding which was impossible for a non-technical person to even think of dealing with and needed to hire a technical geek for that. This article specifically refers to getting a website or application for your business and adding a payment gateway to accept payment with it.

Still, many may have this false notion that doing all this is quite a complex task. However, it is not with today’s top payment gateway PayKun. Every process involved to get PayKun on your website or application is fast and easy, may it be signing up, testing, registration, onboarding, integration or initiating transactions. These can be done in no time. You think it, you want it and you get it; as easy as that.

Web and App Integration – Easiest with PayKun Payment Gateway

How is it easy?

If you have a website or a mobile application and would want to accept online payments with it, the best option is getting a payment gateway because it is secured and offers multiple payment options to your customers. There are more reasons as to why get PayKun payment gateway, those are mentioned later in this article.

With regard to integration, it is very easy and fast because of the readily available Plugins and SDKs, in simple words, they are like a readily available spare parts that can be attached with something else easily, let’s consider attaching a Grinder Bowl with the Mixer Grinder Machine. Similarly, add a payment gateway Plugin and SDKs with the website with the help of the Secret API and Encryption Key, available in your merchant dashboard login.

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Well, neither you need to understand any of these terms nor need to create them yourself, they are ready-to-use available technical things with PayKun, so no complex coding from your side.

PayKun supports all the major platforms, PHP, Magento, Android, iOS, WordPress, Ruby, Python, .Net, Node JS, Java, WHMCS, Prestashop, Opencart, etc. And have their available integration kits. You may add a checkout or a payment button.

There is technical documentation page on the website to help you understand the steps to how to do the integration but again you need not have any technical knowledge about it. Still, if you have any confusion, then there are tutorial videos available too. Also, you may get free payment gateway integration help from the PayKun Support Team.

How is it fast?

The only action from your side to get a payment gateway is to sign up, do the testing and register with the paperless online documents and details; no physical documents required.

Once you have done this, PayKun takes care of everything and in no time your account is activated.

The integrating part is easy too as explained in the previous section of this article. You may get the free integration assistance from PayKun Technical Team. This way, you are ready to accept online payments.

Easy right?

Payment Links

Having no website or no application is even better as the step of integrating payment gateway is no longer required and directly after the payment gateway is activated you can start accepting payments.

The payment links are as easy and fast as copy-paste. They can be created from the PayKun merchant dashboard and are to be sent via any possible medium like WhatsApp, messengers, email, etc.

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Master Links are like payment links but in that, you can give your customer an option to enter the amount and other details. Whereas, in payment links, everything is prefilled from your side.

Why Choosing PayKun Payment Gateway to Accept Online Payment

  • Cheapest

An only fee charged at PayKun is a per-transaction fee of flat 1.75%, which is the lowest in competition.

Setup fees, integration fees, maintenance fees, hidden fees are a guaranteed zero. It is very cost-effective and easy on pocket because no business would like to share a big part of their income with others.

PayKun is affordable to anyone may it be a small enterprise, startups, large businesses, bloggers, YouTubers, offline stores, etc.

  • Safe and Secured

The online payment transfer with PayKun is safe and secured. They are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant which is the highest level of security that needs to be put when the cardholder data is to be passed, entered or stored. In simple word the sensitive information related to your card payments and the fund transfer is non-hackable.

Also, it follows AES 256 Bit Encryption standards, in which the data transfer is done in an encrypted manner and cannot be interfered by the fraudsters and hackers.

The SSL certification of PayKun makes the connection between its website browser and the server safe.

  • Speedy Activation of Merchant Account

The onboarding process is very fast and the account is activated in no time.

  • Support Services

PayKun provides email, chat and calls support with an active competent team, ready to help with the speedy resolution to your queries and concerns.

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You and your customers get active help with any of your PayKun related concerns and issues. Your account manager would your main point of contact.

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