November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

November is the month of enjoying sweet rays of sun in the morning. And, silvery light of the moon at night. You can feel it in Asian countries. I said, this because November birth flower is the chrysanthemum. And chrysanthemum is widely found in native Asian countries. Also, it is found in some parts of Europe. Like all the beautiful things name arrived, it is also derived from Greek words. The word chrysanthemum is divided into two parts. The word “chrysos” stands for gold, I mean it’s meaning is gold. And the second-word  “anthemum” stands for flower, it’s mean is the flower. 

As we all know, November birth people are so loyal and honest. They are a fun-loving and calm person, and it shows in this flower. The Chrysanthemum flower belongs to the family of Daisy.  At least, once you must have been seen, Daisy flower. If you talk to me, I personally love this flower. When you will see this florist in Kolkata blooming in the morning. This will be an eye-catching view for you. As you have seen in the above-mentioned picture. It seems like a baby is flourishing. 

Colors of Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum found in different colors, but the texture is the same. Every color tells a different story. Just like the rose, it also has different meanings in different colors. So, now I am going to tell you about this sweet mystery. After knowing the mystery, you will love to gift this as a happy birthday bouquet. So let’s start the opening of mystery.

Red Chrysanthemum

We can call red chrysanthemum is the twins of a red rose. I said this because it also symbolizes the same. Just like a red rose, it is also expressed, true love. If you love someone very much, and you are going to meet that person. Then this time order this beautiful red chrysanthemum. Send this flower to your sweetheart workplace, just order online.  If you want on-time cake delivery in Delhi, then I must websites like Bloomsvilla too well. So you can try this time Bloomsvilla for your birthday bouquet, anniversary bouquet. Whatever you want related to romantic gifts, cake, and flowers you will get here. 

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White Chrysanthemum 

White Chrysanthemum says a deep and painful meaning.  White Chrysanthemum you can gift a person, who is in pain. So through this, you can console that person.

Yellow Chrysanthemum

Yellow chrysanthemum is not looked beautiful, but it also says beautiful. Yellow Chrysanthemum symbolizes honesty, and also virtue.   Just like it’s a beautiful color, it teaches us a lot. So if someone did wrong and telling you a lie about that. You can just gift that person, a beautiful bouquet of yellow chrysanthemum. And also you can add a card in which its meaning is written. That person will definitely feel shame. And maybe he or she will accept his or her mistake. In this way, you will teach a lesson to that person without saying, anything. In fact, in a polite and happy way, you will, teach the lesson. 

This is the magic of flowers, it always expresses everything. But we never need to say those things. Through flowers, we can express love to hate, literally everything.

Chrysanthemum is Edible 

You must have seen using flowers in food. Especially rose, it is widely used as edible from it’s the essence to petals. Just like the rose, Jasmine, hibiscus it is also used as an edible flower. In China, they love to eat it so much. They boil or steam, it leaves and eats it. Korean use it as a flavoring essence in their wine.  They mix it’s the essence in the wine, and love to drink. 

Pollution Reducer 

 If you will study the review of the world’s greatest space agency NASA. They said if you keep chrysanthemum plant in your home. Somehow it will reduce air pollution of your home. What can be better than this planting a plant? You can increase the beauty of your home, and reduce air pollution. But remember it will only reduce your indoor air pollution. So don’t think outside of the home.

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Hope, now you know everything about your birth flower. I mean November birth flower. You can use this flower to say “I Love You” to your crush.