8 Steps for Proofreading Your Harvard’s Admission Essay

You are applying for Harvard and have your application ready. You have written your essay but not sure how to proofread it. If you are too confused or tired to proofread your essay, you can just contact essay writers online and ask for their assistance in making your essay better.

If you believe that you can go through the hassle of proofreading by yourself then here we are to guide you through the easiest steps.

So without further ado, let’s see how you can proofread your Harvard’s Admission Essay in these simple steps:

1.  Set it Aside

An hour is good, a day is better but a week is terrible. When you are finished writing your essay, taking a break before proofreading it is necessary so that your mind refreshes and you can efficiently proofread your essay.

But keep in mind that prolonging this can cause you to procrastinate and you might eventually get close to the deadline that may not have time to proofread your essay at all.

After all, it’s Harvard and you don’t give them a bad impression of you by submitting your application late.

Always be on time!

2.  Create a Checklist

After you’ve refreshed your mind, you have to get back to work as soon as possible, because there’s no time to waste!

Make a checklist including everything according to the prompt you have been given among other things such as information that was mandatory to include and all things that you check in your essay, for example, word count, verbs, spellings and facts, and everything.

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It will help you remember everything you should check for in your Harvard’s admission essay.

3.  Spell and Fact Check

Although you can check spelling just by using some spellchecking software and they are no doubt good but they are not a hundred percent accurate. They can overlook some simple typos and grammatical errors. It is recommended to not rely on spell check solely and to do it manually just like good old days.

Fact-checking is another thing that you should keep in mind, if you are stating any kind of fact in your essay, you should double-check it on google to stay on the safe side.

4.  Read Aloud

You can just read it with your voice in the head, can’t you?

Well, yeah you can but you have to read it out loud so your mind does not correct it automatically. You can oversee and overlook such stuff as the repetition of words and grammar errors or simple spellings.

Reading out your admission essay loud can help you spot the mistakes that you can’t see while reading it quietly or while checking your admission essay with the spellchecking software.

5.  Make Changes

Here comes the part where you fix all the mistakes you have found by following the steps above.

Although it might seem like the final step but it’s not. Even after making changes there could be so many mistakes you could’ve missed or overlooked unknowingly.

6.  Attend to Essay Format

The essay format is the thing you should keep in mind while writing the essay. The essay format might be specified including the word count limit or the paragraph limit or the page limit.

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Keep in mind that exceeding any of the limits could decrease or could put a seal on your dream of attending the Harvard.

If the essay prompt is given, make sure to follow it thoroughly. The more precise and concise your essay will be, the more chances you will have getting in Harvard.

7.  Ask for Help

You are never too old or smart to ask for help.

While you already have finished your essay and almost proofread it, you should ask someone who could proofread your essay for you. You can ask your school or college counselor or your parents or your friend who are smart enough to read your essay and give you feedback on if you can make your essay any better.

On a side note, asking for help is great but don’t ask too many people as you can get confused and lost. You are the one who is going Harvard, taking advice is great but totally depending on them will just make you rethink your whole essay. Ask only the people you know and trust that they can help you the best.

8.  Proofread Again!



After going to all of the steps, go through your essay again. Read it out loud again and hear yourself if there’s any room for changes. If there are any spelling mistakes or is there anything that doesn’t seem well. Also, check if your word count is within the limit and is not exceeding or being short on.

Proofreading again will help you finalize your essay before submission and let all your doubts go down the drain.

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These were the steps you can easily follow to proofread your Harvard admission essay and increase your chances of getting in. Although besides these steps, you have to keep in mind that the proper grammar and correct use of apostrophes, commas, and all the other punctuations. Spelling mistakes and typos could wipe out your chances of getting admission as well, so be very careful around them.

If you feel like you can’t really write your admission essay perfectly or have some technical essay you can just search for cheap assignment writing service UK based writers could help you with it, but, again. Keep in mind to be precise with them about every detail so they could do their best for you.

Who’s The Author? Norman Clark with his great interest in Human Resources, is an MA in Human Resource Management from Keele University. He is very compassionate and always eager to help everyone around him. Norman Clark loves to read, write and dine-in the finest of places. Norman Loves to write for Professional Essay Service and has been writing for over 12 years now.