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A Complete Job Description of Web Developer

In our previous blogs, we focused everything on website designing but in this blog, we target the complete overview of website development. However audiences don’t distinguish between web development and web designing as it seems synonyms, but it’s not they completely different from each other.

In every domain we need a specialist for developing an accurate product, similarly, we need a website designer to design pages and interface with the help of CSS and HTML. Although the designer is authorized for writing web scripts in programming languages like ASP.net or PHP. Along with programming developer is responsible for website content creation, placement of pages in a text editor or creating animation in Dreamweaver or any other Blog site.

Website Development vs. Web Developer

Website development is the complete package comprises of developing, designing, arrange to host packages with the possibly best deal it also consists of web programming, website design, and content creation asks for the client because sometimes the client provides scripting in order to revamp their old websites.

When we talk about web developer it means the person who is responsible to build a website, online programs, and applications on the internet. Yes, your guesses are right it’s “Programmer”. It is one of the earnest jobs in the present day and a bit responsive. The programmer controls all the flow from designing to develop a website.

What’s Web Developer Job?

There are three major works in the development phase. Client-side scripting it is completely based on customer’s requirement on the homepage or landing page or wherever they want in the web browser. It is designed through coding.

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Another section is server-side- scripting it is surrounded by a web server that implements major changes and deployment setting through the server site. All major updates and maintenance works are performed through server scripting.   

The third and most important part is the database it helps to keep your website up to the mark or as per your provided data.

Elements that Web Developer Focus On

Outline, website graphics, text and ads are setups in a panel called Layout. It is the main component to keep the reliability and permanence of the design structure.

Font, choosing the right font is the most challenging task to do in order to build a responsive website. It is recommended to set a variety of font for enhancing relevancy and eye-catching aspects. 

Illustrations, every image, logo, and icons are part of graphics, it is crucial to increase the image and outlook of the website. For some reason, illustration creates a user-friendly impression because of multiple function abilities with a single image or animation.  

Color, to keep your website attractive, you must need to be careful while choosing colors as it is considered as the sign of delight. The more you choose the vibrant color the more your website looks friendly.

Content, as referring to the old saying “content is the king of the page” the basic guideline is to keep it for information purposes. Exclusive content will be the plus point as it helps on-page SEO and relevancy of keywords.  

Categories of Web Developers

There are various types of websites that can be operated from one page to hundreds of pages, it is reliant on the type of website. Like e-commerce website have hundreds of pages as per the availability of their products. Websites with a huge amount of pages might need a team of professionals developers in order to design striking and pertinent websites.

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There are hundreds of components engaged within one website. So the programmer controls the reliability of the pages by generating code and converts into a program or other key feature on a website. In e-commerce site shopping carts, database and online processing are the main functions that need coding. 


A web designer is related to direct the layout and composition of the website. It is a compilation of layout design, fonts, page structure, texture, logo, and colors. Images are the basic part and most designers are aligned to work on editing software like Photoshop and other codes generation software. 

Content Creator

Websites are incomplete without content, whatever you’ve seen on a website is a regular content whether it’s an image or a text. Even audio and video is the modern form of content and widely used in websites these days. In many organizations content developer is known as a content writer or an editor, similarly, videographer and photographer are also engaged in this activity.

Flash Developer 

Graphics and animation are the entire time mandatory thing in a website. Flash developer is required to operate Adobe Flash, you can intact your website with graphics, animation, and illustration with moving objects and sound. Mostly flash can be used on the home page for highlighting navigation bar or important link.   

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