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In this section, you will find all of our phone repair tips. We made the decision that repairing your smartphone should be accessible to everyone. It is not the prerogative of experts or unparalleled technicians. Each user must be able to start repairing their own phone. This is why SOSav has decided to offer you free phone repair tutorials. So you have no more excuses… We want phone repair to be a real option and a real alternative rather than immediately considering the change of device in the event of breakage or breakdown. Especially since most of the time, these are minor problems that everyone can solve with a little patience,

How to fix your broken smartphone? We keep our smartphone on average for almost 2 years. It is too little… And since it is an essential object in our daily life, almost everyone has already experienced a breakdown or breakage. This can be a simple passenger bug, but the concerns can be slightly more serious by asking for more intervention or even to launch a phone repair! But this is not inevitable because everyone can be in this case and SOSav is there to help you play down.

If you are facing a problem with a cracked screen, a battery that discharges quickly, a frozen touchscreen, a camera that no longer releases, or for any other concern, you are in the right place to restore your balance. faulty phone! In this section you will find thousands of free, detailed and colorful repair guides that will help you overcome the majority of common crashes on your mobile. Thousands of tutorials are available in this section, on the biggest brands on the market: Samsung, Phone Repair, Sony, Huawei, Wiko, OnePlus, LG, HTC, Nokia, Microsoft, Xiaomi, etc. If you cannot find the tutorial corresponding to your breakdown, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you with your phone repair!

The SOSav team of technicians completes this section with free repair guides every week with new dismantling. We make sure to offer tutorials on the latest mobile models, bestsellers but also more exotic models if possible. Our goal is to promote phone repair through a true sharing of knowledge and experience. We want to create a real database for phone repair with a maximum of free guides, up to date with the latest from the big brands. It is all together that we can win the battle of planned obsolescence and that is why we make repairing one’s smartphone a real reflex for ordinary people.

Nowadays, the manufacturers make believe that it is difficult if not impossible to repair your smartphone yourself when you have the proof here that it is false! An urban legend that we want to fight with our means: these free phone repair tutorials! The experts at SOSav are dedicated to sharing all their know-how with you to help you overcome all the small pains of everyday life that your telephone may encounter. You will quickly realize that 80% of failures can be remedied: a black LCD screen, a broken window, an HS battery, a charging problem and so many worries that can be resolved with a little patience and the good advice.

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And if it is a deoxidation after a phone dropped in water, you will also find guides in another section. It is essential to deoxidize your phone that has fallen into water before you can repair it and change any components damaged by immersion. In short, you have all the necessary advice. And if you still have doubts, we even offer video guides on our YouTube channel because phone repair has no limit and we want to invade all platforms to make it known 🙂

Repairing a damaged smartphone has a definite advantage: saving money! Yes, phone repair has a cost and you can limit it by operating yourself! It is up to three times cheaper than going to a professional. Why ? Because the workforce is you! Quite simply ! The only cost to you is the smartphone spare part and the tools , and you will find everything you need at SOSav. For the rest, there is only your motivation and our free guide you can count on. And of course, we do not even mention the economy of repairing your phone compared to the price of a new device, so the difference is obvious.

Opt for smartphone repair, it’s also having the pride of having achieved what you thought was impossible not so long ago! Do not hesitate to share your success with your loved ones or leave us comments on the various social networks to encourage other users to embark on phone repair. You could almost add it to your CV but we do not have this claim: p

And there is another bonus since smartphone repair helps limit e-waste, by not throwing away a device that is still functional. A principle that is important to us at SOSav because the fight against planned obsolescence is the nerve of our war! Why change your mobile for a simple broken screen or used battery? A question that wouldn’t even arise regarding your car for example. At the time, the environmental question is more than central in our society, it is everyone’s duty to make a gesture for the environment, on our scale. And phone repair is one of them. In short, you have everything to gain by repairing your mobile to extend its lifespan.

You are fans of your smartphone and are motivated to get started in phone repair, but do you know the history of mobiles before being what they are today? The first mobile phone was launched on March 6, 1983, its invention is attributed to Martin Cooper, director of research and development at Motorola. Invention that has continued to evolve over time, where the first phones had only one goal: to be able to call almost anywhere. The new generations of mobile phones are now as powerful as some computers and offer a very large number of functionalities. This development is due to the democratization of smartphones, real mini-computers making the call function is now an almost secondary element of the phone.

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And if the biggest successes of the first mobiles were aimed at resistance, this is no longer quite the main objective of current manufacturers. The days of the Nokia 3310s and its cousins ​​are over when there was no camera and the battery was easily removable. Now is the time for a performance race where the smartphone seems to form a single unit and yet repairing your phone is always possible! It is even essential in view of the exorbitant prices of current mobiles! Smartphone repair then extends the life of the device and saves money.

Since it is an essential item in your daily life and even in your work, you have probably invested in adequate protection. But it is not always enough and accidents happen to everyone, even the best. But phone repair is becoming more and more popular at a time when Do It Yourself is in fashion. Having eco-responsible consumption also means repairing your phone since it is a device that you use every day. Do not fall into the vicious circle of planned obsolescence launched by the manufacturers! Follow the advice of our technicians in our tutorials and do not hesitate to ask for help in the event of a blockage.

versions of mobile phones are very easily identifiable. Otherwise, you will not be able to find the correct phone repair guide.

Generally the logo of the manufacturer of your mobile phone appears on the front of it. On certain new generations of smartphones, in particular with borderless screens, the name of the manufacturer may however appear on the back cover. You must also identify the exact model of your phone, it is often located either on the back cover, behind your battery or in the “information” menu of your mobile phone at best. Often, manufacturers go out of “updates” of their model over the years, where the physical changes are minimal, which can lead to confusion. And yet their internal design, even close, can lead to errors during a phone repair.

Before launching into phone repair, it is therefore important to identify your model correctly because smartphone spare parts are not compatible with each other, even within the same brand, or very rarely. And even if the different generations may be similar, cell phone repair can differentiate on certain elements. So as not to make mistakes and get it right! Otherwise, you could potentially postpone the deadline and experience the failure of an HS component for some time.

Because breaking your smartphone happens to everyone, that’s why, at SOSav, we have implemented free tutorials at your disposal to put an end to this myth about phone repair reserved for pros. Once you have identified your model of smartphone, you can embark on the adventure and prove to the world that yes, repairing your smartphone is possible by everyone! Do you dare to take up the challenge?

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Of course, whether to help you identify your smartphone or during your phone repair, the whole SOSav team remains at your disposal!

Is it unthinkable to live without your smartphone ?! But the prices of the latest models tend to calm your heat and make you want to preserve your precious mobile as long as possible? Fortunately, phone repair solutions like SOSav exist! Because yes, most common failures are easily remedied with a little will and good advice.

Extending the life of your smartphone therefore seems a perfectly logical idea not to waste all of your savings in the latest models when your mobile phone is still working. Would it not occur to you to send your car for scrap for a simple flat tire? Well, cell phone repair works much the same way! Thanks to SOSav, you keep control of your mobile throughout its life and are not obliged to transfer or lose your data at the slightest opportunity … Even if we advise you to make regular backups to avoid any inconvenience! Moreover, before starting your phone repair, we recommend that you make a full backup of your data as a precaution (on your computer or on your Cloud accounts). It rarely happens, but it may be possible that a reset of your mobile is necessary after troubleshooting. Prevention is better than cure !

You can find good autonomy by replacing your tired battery and can change this broken screen that makes you see blurry! You understand that phone repair is the best way to stay connected while saving money. Well done ! And we encourage you in this process. And you know what ? Repairing your smartphone is also beneficial for the planet 🙂 So don’t wait to take the good reflex, today is phone repair, but tomorrow, you will know that it is possible to revive all the objects of your daily life. An economical and ecological solution that you can apply to most devices that you use almost every day!

It is because this fight is important to us that the whole team of SOSav technicians bends over backwards to offer you a real phone repair solution. How? ‘Or’ What ? Through free illustrated and commented tutorials. All the biggest brands are represented and thousands of guides are already online for free. We are continuing our fight against planned obsolescence by adding new guides every week. Do not hesitate to share your experience on our social networks or encourage your loved ones to get involved, too, in phone repair (or even to help them if you have already passed the test hands down). If you have any doubts or questions, our technical service is ready to answer you to help you with your phone repair.

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