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Top 5 Auto Rickshaw Companies in India

In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about the improvements that have been made to the Auto Rickshaw segment of the automobile industry. Such that several companies are coming up with innovate yet exciting ways to outsell the competitions. Hence, to know the top players in the segment, there are 5 of the most remarkable brands in the country that provide the best Auto Rickshaws in the country. Take a look.

Bajaj RE Auto Rickshaw

The name Bajaj goes a long way in manufacturing quality transportation automobiles such that it’s the top manufacturers of Auto Rickshaws in the country. Such that the Bajaj RE is the stand-alone product of the company that is making an impact and ensuring that it reaches masses. Bajaj Auto rickshaw comprises of high-class features that result in good resale value as well. The features and the overall design style of the auto-rickshaw are eye-catching, and with the elongated wheelbase, you get extra legroom space as well.

Features of Bajaj RE

  1. Diverse options ranging from LPG, petrol and diesel.
  2. The engine capacity in the petrol variant is 145.45cc, and the diesel engine is 447.3cc.
  3. The Bajaj RE provides a total power output of about 6.6Kw@5000rpm.
  4. It packs four forward gears while having one reverse gear.

Two lakh rupees is the overall Bajaj auto rickshaw price. You can avail a Three Wheeler loan at the lowest interest rates.

Piaggio Auto Rickshaw

Piaggio is an auto-rickshaw manufacturer that is commonly known for the Piaggio Ape city variant that has undoubtedly created an impact in the country. Not only this but then the auto-rickshaw that they manufacture is the industry’s first three-regulator engine.

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There are a variety of engine models that are available such as LPG, diesel, petrol, and CNG. The latest model being the diesel variant. Such that Piaggio is a direct competitor to Bajaj in terms of the auto-rickshaw space.

Features of the Piaggio Auto-Rickshaw

  1. The engine is unique because of the damp multi-disc kind clutch.
  2. The overall auto-rickshaw comprises of a 165mm ground clearance with a 20% gradeability rate.
  3. Specific variants of the auto-rickshaw also comprise of a hydraulic magnifying forward-facing suspension.
  4. The overall auto-rickshaw is powered by a four-stroke naturally aspirated engine that is 396cc.
  5. The auto can generate power of about 5.52Kw@3600rpm

The overall cost ranges from 1.06 lakh rupees to 1.26 lakh rupees based on the variants you choose.

Mahindra Auto Rickshaw

Mahindra is another auto-rickshaw manufacturing giant in the country. The lineup of Mahindra alfa passenger has indeed created a buzz in the auto-rickshaw space. The rickshaw comes with an eight-horsepower diesel engine that makes it perfect to be used daily. It comprises of excellent mileage combined with performance making it one of the best-selling autos in its category.

Features of Mahindra Auto-Rickshaw

  1. Extraordinarily comfortable and provides optimum space for seamless driving.
  2. Spacious and stylish both form exterior and interior.
  3. Durable and manufactured with durable metals.
  4. Advanced air intake system.
  5. Economical to use.
  6. Plenty of legroom and headroom space for passengers and drivers.

The overall cost of the auto-rickshaw is at around 1.5 lakh rupees.

TVS Auto Rickshaw

Most of the readers might be knowing the brand for its two-wheelers, but they manufacture auto-rickshaws as well. You can avail of them in two variants which are petrol and CNG versions. They are powerful, stylish and provide a high mileage with all thanks to its powerful engine. It’s an auto-rickshaw that will last for a lifetime while offering low maintenance costs and effort.

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Features of TVS Auto Rickshaws

  1. A plethora of accessories such as magazine frame, water bottle pouch, and so on. Also, there are kit shields that are offered to the LPG and CNG variants of the auto-rickshaw.
  2. You get a four-stroke single-cylinder engine.
  3. The capacity is about 199.26cc.
  4. There is a hand start method or electric button to start the vehicle.

The cost of the auto-rickshaw starts from 1.35 lakh rupees.

Tuk-Tuk Auto Rickshaw

One of the most powerful auto-rickshaws, Tuk-Tuk auto rickshaws offer some commendable performance while providing the standard 3+1 seating arrangement that makes it perfect for long durations of riding in the city and countryside as well.

Features of Tuk-Tuk Auto Rickshaws

  1. High torque with lesser fuel consumption.
  2. The chassis is made from steel to increase the overall robustness of the auto.
  3. One of the most advanced autos that provide extreme engineering design with optimum support.

The price ranges anywhere from 1 lakh rupees to 1.24 lakh rupees.

Thus, the competition between each of the Auto Rickshaws is quite close. Though they might look similar to each other, performance-wise, it’s a day and night difference. Hence, choosing the one based on the amount of space, speed, mileage and other such factors can avail you the best deal and a bang for your buck. You can get additional information related to Bajaj RE Auto Rickshaw from Bajaj Auto Finance, Hence invest wisely to get higher returns. All the best.

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